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Yorkshire Lad
07-09-2006, 6:38 PM
My maternal GGrandfather was Jonathan Allison Horn(e) and he was born in Nottingham about 1836. He married in Canada in 1863 had children there and returned to England about 1876.

His surname is sometimes shown as Horn and at other times Horne.

If anyone can find any details about him between his birth and 1863, I would like hear it.


Edmonton, AB

07-09-2006, 7:09 PM
1851 Census Church Yard, Doncaster, Yorks
John Allison 73 Head bn Brough, Westmorland Schoolmaster
Martha Allison 84 wife bn Romalkirk Yorks
John Allison 50 son unmarried bn Lartington Yorks Schoolmaster
Robert Allison 48 son married bn Sheffield Yorks Schoolmasters Assistant
Martha Allison 43 dtr unmarried bn Rotherham Yorks
Jonathorn Horn 17 Grandson bn Sneinton Nottingham Curriers/carriers Apprentice (hard to read)
Thomas M Allison 14 Grandson bn Doncaster Yorks Solicitors Writing Clerk
Mary Burns 17 Servant bn Ireland

Cant see him 1841/1861

1881 Census 54 Goodman Street, Hunslet Yorks
Jonathon Horne 45 Bus Driver b.Nottingham
Martha A Horne 43 Sheffield
Sarah L Horne 11 Scholar Canada
Harold J Horne 8 Canada
Lucy Allison Horne 3 Leeds

1841 Census number 2, Priory Place, Doncaster Yorks
John Allison 60 Schoolmaster
Martha Allison 70
John Allison 40
Martha Allison 30
All born within the county.

07-09-2006, 7:30 PM
Possible baptism for Martha Allison, daughter of Martha and John Allison:
c.05.06.1808 Rotherham, Yorks, born 13.09.1807.
Presumed brother of the above, George Allison, son of Martha and John Allison:
c.29.04.1810 Rotherham, Yorks, born 03.09.1809.

(These from the LDS IGI site)

Yorkshire Lad
13-09-2006, 10:36 PM
Thanks, Ann65, this all helps. It appears that in 1851 Jonathan was living with his grandparents in Doncaster. Any suggestions how I can find the names of his parents?
Thanks, again.

14-09-2006, 9:50 AM

From Nottinghamshire baptisms cd:

Sneinton 26 May 1833 Jonathan Allison HORN son Jonathan & Maria Hayward St

Basford born 26 March bap 8 May 1836 Martha Ann HORN daughter Jonathan & Maria, Lacemaker

No marriage for Jonathan & Maria in Notts Marriage Index that I could find and no burials in the Burial Index.

Ancestry is down at the moment, so can't check the early census records for you but will do so as soon as possible.


14-09-2006, 2:20 PM

I have checked the 1841 census for you and it appears that Jonathan Allison HORN is with his grandparents in Doncaster in that census as well:

HO107/1340/5, folio folio 32, page 26
Priory Place, No 2

John ALLISON 60 Schoolmaster Born in the county yes
Martha do 70 yes
John do 40 yes
Martha do 30 yes
Jonathan HORN 8 Pupil no
John SAMPSON 12 do yes
Alfred HUSKISSON 20 Articled Architect yes
Henry WARING 15 do yes
Henrietta SAMPSON 15 Visitor yes
Ann BERRY 15 F.S. yes

I can't find Jonathan snr nor Maria in the 1841 census. However, there is a death registration of a Jonathan HORN in December qtr 1839 at Basford reg district and also one of a Maria HORN in the June qtr 1840 at Doncaster reg district both of which could be relevant to you. There is an extracted IGI record of a Maria ALLISON, born 18 November 1804, baptised 16 January 1805 at Cathedral St Peter, Sheffield, father John, mother Martha which could prove to be your Maria, especially as Robert ALLISON was shown in the 1851 census as having been born in Sheffield circa 1803. I also forgot to put down that in the baptismal record of Jonathan Allison HORN it shows his father's profession as Schoolmaster - sorry about that.

Hope this helps anyway.

14-09-2006, 5:11 PM
Id like to thank everyone who stepped in to help on this trail. Unfortunatly I lost my uncle on Tuesday, and I simply had to take a few days break.

Yorkshire Lad
26-09-2006, 2:12 AM
I'd also like to sincerely thank all those who provided such valuable information. I now have lots of paths to investigate. Many thanks.


02-04-2014, 7:28 PM
if this is not too late, and this is a very old message, I am also on the trail of a Jonathan Horn[e] and have information on various Jonathan Hornes in the Teesdale area. A friend has just found some information and passed it on to me that definitely links a Jonathan Horn in Doncaster in 1831 to the Teesdale Jonathan Horns.
If you are still interested please email me