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01-09-2006, 9:08 PM
There are two medical cards for Humphrey, Horace H. (Royal Army Medical Corps) They are both very similar except for the Regiment No 33068-Rank - Private (This is confirmed in his diary.)The catalogue reference numbers (WO 372/10) are the same on both cards.The second card differs only by the Regiment No- which is 40665 and his Rank being Staff Serjeant(that is the spelling on the card)
Could both these cards be for the same person and if so why would they have different Regiment Numbers?
As I am in the process of writing-up his Diary (for a Website) it would be interesting to know, and include this information in it.----Kath

18-09-2006, 9:37 AM

If I'm not mistaken, they're his Medal Index Cards (giving the references to his details on the Medal Rolls), not medical cards. They will be for the same person - possibly because he may have a 1914 or 1914-15 star indexed on a seperate card to his BWM and Victory Medal. Alternatively, the second card could be for a Silver War Badge or even a gallantry medal, though the commonest reason is the issue of a star.(Star will have his rank and number from the time he entered overseas service and the BWM and Vic.Medal will have his later details)


20-09-2006, 9:58 PM
Hello Dave, Thanks for your reply. I will take a closer look now you have explained it to me.Will get back to you if I have any other querries regarding this.
I am in the process of building a web-site for Pte. Horace Humphrey and his hand-written diary of 1915-1917 WW1 and appreciate any help I can get. He served in the 43,Field ambulance RAMC .

Thanks once again--Kath