View Full Version : Ancestry Mistranscriptions

28-08-2006, 10:41 AM
When you find a mistranscribed family on Ancestry, its always worth while submitting a correction. Twice recently this has lead to me making contact with distant cousins.

I know that site gets a lot of stick for its mistranscriptions, some of which are so ludicrous that you doubt whether the transcribers could have had even a passing knowledge of English and/or geography. (Though to be fair, its not always their fault.)

With a bit of help, I identified a family transcribed as Overoy as my missing Crays, and once I enough evidence, I submitted a correction. I have just had an email from someone who has been looking for this family since 1979!

I also spotted an entry for one of my ancestorís siblings, correctly transcribed as Hakin, to which someone had submitted a correction of Hagan, based on the birth and marriage certificates of the children. There are several other versions of this name in the BMD indexes and on the various censuses. Its not surprising there are so many variations on this name, as the family moved from North Yorkshire to Northumberland during the 1840ís, and I expect the difference in accents was a major problem. My contact had not been able to get any further back on this line, and had assumed they were of Irish descent.

So in posting these corrections/alternatives, a new channel for contacting relatives has been opened up.