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27-08-2006, 10:17 AM
Heres a long shot if ever there was one....

Does anyone know anything about a Maud Masters, who was married to a man known only as "Pop" Masters.

She lived in Carbendale. I dont know her maiden name.

She was definatly suposed to be a relative, and names which may come in useful are: Epton Hides/Hydes Swindale/Swindle Merrill Howard Taylor Whiley or Watson.

04-09-2006, 10:12 AM
Do you know Maude's Maiden name ancestry has marriage records? I think you may need more then her married last name to find her.

04-09-2006, 2:31 PM
Im afraid I dont know any more than Ive already said. She was alive in 1948 when my father visited her whilst in the Navy, and she was a relative, but no one living can remember how. I have a photo of them, but obviously thats of little help here.

07-09-2006, 3:40 AM
Hi Ann,

I found a Maude A. Masters in the Social Security Death Index. Her birthdate was 16-Jan-1906. She died in November of 1990. Her last place of residence was Carbondale, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania.

I hope this helps.

-- Deb

07-09-2006, 4:16 AM
In addition to Maud, the following people were found on the death index, all from Carbondale:

1. George Masters, b. 9-Oct-1892, d. Jun 1972 .
2. Grace Masters, b. 17-Jun-1909, d. Nov 1978.
3. Natalie R. Masters, b. 18-Apr-1905, d. 15-Nov-1995.
4. Ruth Masters, b. 26-May-1900, d. Aug 1985.

Except for George, they all lived rather long lives.

Are you sure that Maud was married? I ask because I found a Maud Masters in the 1930 census; she's 24 years old and living with her widowed father. This would mean that Masters is her maiden name, assuming it is the right Maud. But this is the only Maud Masters I've found in Carbondale.


07-09-2006, 9:06 AM
Now thats REALLY interesting. Thank you ever so much for taking the time to look for me.
I know Im being a complete pain, but could you give me the widowed fathers name on the 1930 census please?

Looking at the black and white photograph I have of them, she certainly looks older than 42 (considering Im 41), as she appears to have wispy white hair. BUT saying that she doesnt look "ancient", and Id say she probably looks a good 10 years (or more) younger than "Pop" does. Furthermore, it would make more sense for him to be known as "Pop" if he was a father, wouldnt it?

I must go now and pick my dads brains for information.... :D

07-09-2006, 3:42 PM
This is my Maud, Im sure of it. You were right she WASNT married, and she DID live with her widowed father, "Pop".
Im sorry I mislead you in the initial post. Ah memories arent what they used to be!

Whats more, I now have an address for her, found in my Grandads old address book (amazing its never been thrown away considering he died in 1986!!)

Miss Masters 405 Main Street, Carbondale, PA

Please please please could you give me details of their address in 1930 and the fathers name and details (well all the details you can!)

Thank you ever so much, I feel like theres actually a chance of solving this particular family riddle now, whereas before it seemed like there was no hope.

07-09-2006, 11:19 PM
Hi Ann,

Maud's father is listed as Francis H. Masters, His occupation is Church Sexton. Maud also has a younger brother, Francis H. Jr., age 20, who lives with them. Francis Jr. is a laborer at a service station.

Unfortunately, the censuses do not list street addresses.

The 1920 census tells us that the family was living in Carbondale. Francis, Sr.'s wife, Rhoda T. Masters, is still alive in 1920. She is 45 years old. She also immigrated from England (in 1892).

Francis Sr.'s mother, Mary, also lives with them. She is widowed, and is 69 years old.

It looks like the Masters family immigrated in 1885, when Frances was about 9 years old. Both Francis and his mother became naturalized citizens in 1899.

I believe I found this Masters family amongst the New York Passenger Lists. They arrived in NY in August, 1885 on the ship "Wyoming".

The handwriting of the ship's manifest is difficult to read. Looks like:

F.J. Masters, age 39.
Mrs. Masters, age 34.
Master Frank, age 8.
Master George, age 6.
Master Rommey(??), age 5. First name could be Rommy or something else entirely, as the writing is terrible.

Hope this is helpful.

08-09-2006, 12:52 AM
Helpful? its fabulous.
Thank you so, so much!

I havent established the link yet, but youve set me on a path, whereas before there was none. When (and I do mean when, not if) I work out the link, Ill let you know!
Thanks for your help, you have done a fantastic job for me.

08-09-2006, 1:20 AM
I think youve just cracked it for me.

Rhoda T b. circa 1875

is Rhoda Taylor, b circa 1875 Fleet, near Gedney, Lincs, daughter of William Taylor, and Harriet Franks.

William Taylor b. cir 1844 Gedney Lincs was the brother of my great grandmother, Martha Ann Taylor b.1866 Gedney.

In the 1891 CR Rhoda Taylor is a servant for James F F Lintzenich and family in Bedford. She doesnt appear on the 1901 CR, and she doesnt appear to have married, or died, according to the free BMD.

Which leaves her open to emigrate to the USA, and meet and marry Francis H Masters, and retain the "Taylor" as a middle name.


I cant tell you how happy I am right now

08-09-2006, 10:09 PM
Hello Ann,

I'm so glad that you are able to make some more progress. It's so rewarding when that happens. It took me more than 2 years to find my 5th great grandfather, so I understand how frustrating it can be at times. :-)

Best wishes,