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22-08-2006, 10:33 PM
hi i hope i have posted in right place - have just joined here. i need some help really - i am trying to find my mums brother who has never been found since they were split up in 1940's - they were all born in a workhouse in boston - the parents were not married my mum found one sister and brother but never found the younger one two thers a girl and boy both died.
the name is gordon millings born somewhere between 1937-1939 i can't find a entry in the bmd index for him - have found all others - apparantly he was put into a home in sheffield later with my mums other brother but then dissappeared - my uncle has never traced him. it seems so strange that i can't find a birth entry for him but found all the others even the one that died at birth and the other who died at 18mths - can anyone help or have any idea where i can start. also mum said that gordon had a speech impediment thats all the info we have.


31-08-2006, 7:43 PM
you could try the Lincoln Archives, they hold workhouse records.

You might find this site useful, on Boston Workhouse