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Rod Neep
29-09-2004, 4:19 AM
I am starting to add the county and place forums now...

They may appear a little strange at first, but there is a structure to their layout.


County name (a folder) - which expands to reveal....

County-wide forum (a forum)
Places within a county ( a folder)

Individual places (forums)
This structure allows us to have a list of counties visible, and at the right hand end of the county line is an "expand" button. The main county-wide mailing list is then visible, and also another folder for individual places within a county. (Once you expand a county folder then, for you, it will remain like that - until you collapse it).

The idea of the place folder, is that it allows for expansion of the forum system, for example under Lancashire Places, we might have Manchester, Liverpool, Furness, etc., and even villages for OPC projects to sit within their natural place inside the county.

I am happy to add forums within counties, especially for those people involved in OPC projects or one-Place Studies. Just drop me an email.... but you will be the forum moderator of your new forum. ;)


Rod Neep
30-09-2004, 1:21 AM
All of the England county forums are now in place and ready for use, plus many "Topic" forums.

An important request please!

Please do not use the forums for general trivia chatter and off the cuff quips just for the fun of it, as that decreases their usefulness to those making enquiries and seeking help. They are not chat rooms! (There is a "General Chatter" forum available under the "General" section of this board where any sort of trivia can be discussed). If you are really desperate to have a trivia forum for your favourite county to chat between friends, then ask!
Please always use meaningful thread titles. Something like "Help" or "Lost Great Grandfather" or "My Brick Wall" doesn't say much. Encourage people to open, view and reply to your posts by using a thread title that really means something.
Don't change the subject of a message thread. If you have a new subject to discuss, then start a new thread, with a new title.
Be nice to others - no flaming of other people. (The forum moderators have the right to ban people from a forum, for a while or permanently, and to delete messages that are inappropriate).
Rod Neep