View Full Version : morris family?can somebody help please?

david walker
17-08-2006, 6:51 AM
i am looking for isaac morris born in barbados?i cant find birth certificate around 1860?or earlier,he married elizabeth ann meginness invictoria in1885australia,she was born in launceston ,tasmania,australia,i have found children ,but i cannot find him or any trace of his past in barbados.

17-08-2006, 8:53 AM
Do you have his parents names and fathers occupation from his 1885 marriage? it may be that his father was in Barbados with the army when he was born, and the family will show up in the British census back home.

:) C

06-10-2006, 5:04 PM
I've just come across a reference to some Morris from Barbados in an article in Time magazine about St Ann's of Morrisania Church in New York. Apparently the founder had a relation from Barbados. There is also a reference in Rootsweb that you could look at.

I don't suppose for a minute that they are the same family but the Mcginnis's were a very big family that were from Scotland and one married my cousin in US. around the mid 1850's (also a Morris). I've been looking for Rosa Mary Morris (b.1859 in Wales - my g/grandmother) I don't suppose you've come across her in Australia?

Mary-Lyn Jones