View Full Version : Family hiatory of Sir Richard Attenborough

15-08-2006, 12:51 PM
Some time ago I tried vainly to crack an anecdotal reference passed through the family that Florence BORRAS was a great x? grandmother to the famous Attenboroughs. Not only do I not know where Florence fits into my large BORRAS family, but the ancestors of their father Frederick Levi Attenborough (1887-1973) appear equally difficult to trace. I "suspect" a link to Reuben Attenborough (1858) (hairdresser) fourth son of John Attenborough (1823) (hairdresser) who is in turn the son of John Attenborough (cira 1800) BUT I CANNOT PROVE IT. (not shouting <g>)
There appears to be no family tree on the web tracing the family backwards beyond that point. With Rod's vast interest in Nottinghamshire, I felt this was the place to voice a rare plea for guidance.
Mervyn Britton