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12-08-2006, 5:18 PM
I have an interesting story that someone might be able to shed more light on - I suppose I ought to post it in the Lancashire AND Cornwall forums.

I have found Ellen Trethewey, who was born in Cornwall about 1848 (1871 census for Bury says "Land's End", but I doubt it is accurate)

She was married, age 22, in Bury, Lancashire, in 1870 to Miles Woodburn, a distant relative of my father's family. Miles died in Bury, 1871 (age 28) & I have found Ellen, living alone in Bury in the 1871 census. She was working as a rag-sorter in a paper mill. I don't know how Miles died. I don't think there were children.

Ellen must have returned to Cornwall at some stage, as I have found a marriage for her, in St Austell in 1875, to Robert Martin or Thomas Dunn Care (I think it was Robert Martin, I think I've found them in 1881).

I have looked for Ellen Trethewey in 1861 & am not sure which one she is, of the the three possibilities there are in the census records. It isn't of huge importance to my research, I would just be interested in how she came to be in Lancashire

If this story rings a bell with anyone I'd love to hear from you