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09-08-2006, 12:04 AM
James Riddall WOOD and his family arrived in Port Natal 1850 as part of the Byrne Settlers.
From where abouts in the UK they came I had no idea.
I've since discovered that James married Hannah Healy WEAVER in 27 Dec 1826 in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Hannah was the daughter of Rev Robert WEAVER.
James and Hannah had children and I know the first two, John Medley b 1 Dec 1827 and James Weaver b 8 May 1829 might well have been born in Mansfield too. The 1841 census for Manchester, Lancashire has them not born in this county.
IGI has James Weaver WOOD christened in Manchester on 16 June 1829.
James Riddall WOOD practiced as a lawyer before becoming a deputy sherriff after he arrived in Port Natal.
Also James Riddall WOOD is not found on the 1841 census with his children..... where he was census night!!!! Would have been a great help if he'd been home as then I'd know perhaps his age and if he was from Lancashire.
I'm hoping he was perhaps visiting family in Nottinghamshire.
Please can anyone help me with this family.
Did this family originally come from Nottinghamshire? Was Hannah's family from Nottinghamshire? Can anyone help me with parents, sibling, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Anything PLEASE!
I'm assuming that perhaps Riddall was James' mothers surname. Perhaps there are RIDDALLS in Nottinghamshire.
Thanks all

Peter Goodey
09-08-2006, 9:13 AM
"James married Hannah Healy WEAVER in 27 Dec 1826 in Mansfield"

The parish register itself, rather than just the IGI, may show something interesting.

Phillimore shows the marriage as being by licence. That might also be worth chasing up. If memory serves me correctly, the University of Nottingham, Manuscripts and Special Collections department are the people to approach.

The marriage licence (or to be accurate, the bond) is likely to be the more valuable thing to get hold of.

09-08-2006, 11:41 AM

Could these be Hannah's parents in the 1841 census of Mansfield:

HO107/859/7, folio 20, page 5
Chesterfield Road, ? Hill

Robert WEAVER 65 Minister Born in county no
Mary do 45 yes
Mary BELL 25 F.S. no
Revd Jno SMITH 40 Minister no

And this looks as if it is Robert in the 1851 census of Gateford, Notts:

HO107/2122, folio 248, page 19
Schedule 80, Gateford

Robert WEAVER Visitor Mar 78 Independent Minister (Mansfield)
Wiltshire Trowbridge

He is a visitor in the household of Henry EDDISON, U, 48, Farmer born Gateford.

And this looks like wife Mary in the 1851 census of Mansfield:

HO107/2124, folio 122, page 26
Schedule 97, West Hill

Mary WEAVER Head Mar 56 Lady Notts Mansfield
Jemima L WOOD Niece U 16 Antwerp Belgium
Mary Petronella do do U 14 do do
Harriet JENNINGS Servant U 19 Notts Mansfield

There is the death of a Robert WEAVER registered Dec qtr 1852 at Mansfield.

Hope this helps.


13-08-2006, 1:03 AM
Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! Janet and Peter!

Will definitely chase up the marriage licence (bond)

The 1851 census showing two nieces of Mary (related to Head) show them as WOOD..........Thoughts.....was Mary a WOOD or her sister married to a WOOD.
No! on second thoughts.....Mary age 45 in 1841 .... could not have been Hannah's mother. Hannah married in 1826 ...... Thinking ..... if she was at least 16 yo when she married in 1841 she would have been 31 years old at census time (if she'd been alive)....could Mary have been her mother???? I suppose so?....maybe....Mmmm
Also needs further investigation.

Regards &
Sala hantle (stay well)

13-08-2006, 11:22 PM
Just thought I'd follow thru with the speculation in my last message.

I found a marriage:
Robert WEAVER married Mary WOOD Dec Q 1838 in Mansfield.

Now I have to establish a relationship between Mary WOOD and James Riddall WOOD.

Thanks to all

05-09-2006, 3:52 AM
I applied for and received Mary WOOD b 1795 Mansfield and Robert WEAVER's marriage certificate.
From that I learned that Mary's father was Peter WOOD a gentleman from Stockwell gate.
James Riddall WOOD b 1805 was a witness to the marriage and that Robert Weaver was a widow.
Close to but still no proof that Mary and James were related as James might have been signing as ex son-in-law.
I have searched and searched but can't find any births, baptisms, marriages or deaths for this family. Nothing in Pallots, nothing in LDS.
Robert founded the Independent chapel in 1795 and he and Mary were married there. (Chapel records from 1802-1836 are in LDS)
I've together with help from others have searched through the online newspapers Nottingham Review and Mansfield in the News 1711-1800 articles, Land Rates and trade Directories. From those we find both Peter WOOD and Peter WOOD jnr (Hosiers) appearing in a number of articles between 1773 to 1835....... but still I can't find births/deaths and marriages anywhere.
Please has anyone suggestions.

Peter Goodey
05-09-2006, 7:40 AM
You haven't chased up that marriage licence have you?

With a bit of luck you can get a wealth of information from them including the couple's home parishes. And who were the bondsmen? That might establish or at least hint at the relationships involved.

12-09-2006, 1:56 AM
I have.
Firstly the University mauscripts department was moving so they asked me to hold on. Then when they were ready I had to post them a minimal amount.......but in pounds which took me a while to get hold of as I'm a wee bit too far from the cities (tourist attraction centres....no tourists no bristish money at local bank.) They won't accept credit card payment.
Takes time for me to get money posted there and for them in turn to post back. So finally....Hooray! The money was posted them last Saturday so hopefully in the next ten to 14 days I should get a reply.
Regards &
Sala hantle (stay well)

26-09-2006, 8:59 AM
You haven't chased up that marriage licence have you?

With a bit of luck you can get a wealth of information from them including the couple's home parishes. And who were the bondsmen? That might establish or at least hint at the relationships involved.
Marriage Licence Arrived today.
Home Parish: Both - Mansfield and had been living there 15 days prior to the signing/swearing of the licence
No Bondsman
Ages: both 21 and upwards
He a bachelor and she a spinster

Aarrr! I was hoping for an age at least so I could figure a birth year....21 and upwards isn't an age!

Anyway it's great to have a copy of the document.
Thanks for the help

Peter Goodey
26-09-2006, 9:52 AM
A pity about the bond. They can be very informative. But then again sometimes they aren't! :(

26-09-2006, 1:09 PM

I have searched through the FHS Notts baptisms, marriages and burials for Peter WOOD and found nothing I'm afraid, nor can I find a baptism for Mary WOOD circa 1795. I looked on Hugh Wallis' IGI site, however and found the birth and baptism of John Medley WOOD. It is an extracted record from the Independent Church of Mansfield and his birth is shown as 1 December 1827 and his christening as 25 January 1828. Given that Robert WEAVER was an Independent Minister, perhaps the WOOD family were also non Church of England. I see that the LDS have a microfilm of The Old Meeting Presbyterian Church from 1738-1835 for Mansfield which might be worth looking at, plus the Independent church records just in case there is anything there.

I have also looked on the 1841 census records for Mansfield and there is the following record which may prove relevant given that Peter WOOD described himself as a Gentleman:

HO107/859/2, folio 18, page 28
Leeming St

Alice WOOD 80 Ind Born in the county yes
Mary do 75 Ind yes

There is also an Ann WOOD, 60, Ind, born in the county in West Gate on HO107/859/5, folio 23, page 1. This one could prove interesting - a John WOOD, 46, Dissenting Minister, born in the county with wife Mary Ann plus 2 children on HO107/859/4, folio 35, page 20 on Belvedere St which according to the enumeration description is near Stockwell Gate. There is also a Joseph WOOD, aged 60, Independent, born in county at Queen St on HO107/859/3, folio 40, page 9.

Both Alice and Mary WOOD have death registrations on FreeBMD at Mansfield in 1842, but I can't find either of them on the FHS Notts Burials.

I also can't find any WOODs that are still Hosiers in the 1841 census of Mansfield. I'm not sure whether any of this helps, but it may come in useful at some time.


Peter Goodey
26-09-2006, 2:13 PM
I also can't find any WOODs that are still Hosiers in the 1841 census of Mansfield
I probably haven't been paying as much attention here as others but there's a William WOOD, 20, Framework Knitter.

11-10-2006, 3:47 AM
Sorry to have taken my time replying.
I've been exploring Australia a bit.

Robert Weaver was the founder of the Independent Chapel in Mansfield in 1795 but which was only allowed to legally officiate and register births, christening, marriages and deaths from 1805. Prior to that I'm told everything would have been through the Anglican / Church of England. Well it appears maybe for other families but not for the WOODs of Mansfield.
As James Riddall and Hannah were married in the Independent Chapel, their son John Medley was christened there, William Medley born 1802 was also christened in an Independent Chapel and Robert Weaver and Mary Wood married in the Independent Chapel I've assumed the family as a whole were from a dissenting religion .... makes no difference I still don't find births, marriages & deaths.
By a lot of co-incidences and twists (no definite Proof - Trade directories, newspaper articles) I have the family as
Peter WOOD snr - Manufacturer of Hose - Gentry
Peter WOOD jnr - Gentleman, hosier, bleacher, Auctioneer, Assignee, bondsman - married to Elizabeth Medley
Peter WOOD very jnr - drapier, bookseller, language professor - Married Anne Maria PONT - 4 out of 5 children born in Antwerp

Peter WOOD jnr married to Elizabeth MEDLEY in 1792 in Halifax, Yorkshire had the following children:
Mary WOOD born c1795 Mansfield - married Robert Weaver - no Children. Aunt to Peter Wood's children (1851 census)
Peter WOOD born c1796 - died 1849 - married Anne Maria PONT - moved to Antwerp - draper, bookseller and now too a Professor in Languages - 5 children found.
James Riddall WOOD born c1797 - died 1853 South Africa - drapier, secretary, colour mixer, lawyer - 15 children
William Medley WOOD christened 4 May 1802 Independent Masbrough, Yorkshire

I'll have to look into getting Alice and Mary WOODs death Certificates....perhaps Peter Wood seniors sibling
John (46) too would be an interesting person to follow up. Born abt 1795 !!!!!! I have a John WOOD born to Peter and Elizabeth WOOD 17 Oct 1795 BUT in Welton With Melton, Yorkshire
The two 60 year olds Joseph and Ann would also be wonderful to chase. Born abt 1779 ......could be Peter juniors sibling
William WOOD (20) I'm going to reject as I just have no idea where he'd fit in.
Although William appears to be a name passed down in the family..... Both Peter Wood jnr and very jnr had sons named William as too did James Riddall.
Thanks for all your help guys

11-10-2006, 9:48 AM

There is a will on National Archives Documents online (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/) for a Joseph WOOD, Gentleman, of Mansfield died 1856 which you can download online for 3.50 - could be worth a look as it may mention his siblings??? There are also 2 Death Duty register documents - one for an Ann WOOD, widow, of Mansfield dated 7 May 1806, will proved in Huntingdon and an Administration Letter for a William WOOD, Staymaker, of Mansfield, proved in the court of York. If you use the Advanced Search option and put in WOOD and Mansfield, it brings up the above and also 2 Seamans Register documents, but I don't know if the latter are connected to you in any way.


12-10-2006, 6:28 PM
Maybe this is who Wood Street was named after?


13-10-2006, 9:13 AM
Once again thanks for the help.
I have Ann's will and William the Staymaker from Mansfield.
Joseph's will .......my Bank tells me I'm making a mistake but I haven't a clue what I'm doing wrong...... I keep getting an error report. I managed to get Robert Weavers will and then ..... Stuck!

Would be nice to add that to the family info but it appears the WOOD family name has been in Mansfield for absolute ages. David Bradbury has a site...Oh the name...MMmmmm....something like Mansfield 17th century Quarter sessions. There are Peter Wood references way back to 1622
Oh! and others WOODs too.

Thanks all

13-10-2006, 10:45 AM

I was having a look at what the LDS have filmed re Mansfield and it might be worth you having a look at their Library Catalogue, as some of what they have might prove useful to you. Apparently, there is an 1831 census of Mansfield, Monumental Inscriptions for Mansfield, Voting registers, Taxation records, Probate records, etc, etc. I don't know where your nearest Family History Centre is, but given that your WOOD family seem relatively affluent, there might be some gems to be uncovered. I also had a look through the Notts FHS Burial record cd again but Mansfield does not seem to be very well covered, which might explain why I could not find any of Your WOODs.


17-10-2006, 8:31 AM
Jan and Peter,

You've both been real blessings.
From all over I've found and been sent info.
I have Peter WOOD info from David Bradbury's newspaper extracts for the Mansfield in the News 1711-1800, NOTTINGHAM REVIEW 1802-1818, Land tax for Mansfield1800, Mansfield rates 1813, Pigots trade directory 1828/29 and 1830, In History Gazetteer and Directory of Nottinghamshire 1832 and 1835. Another kind soul has checked the burials for Mansfield over and again. Checked the National archives and also retrieved marriages and wills from Nottinghamshire University. Also bought any birth marriage and death certificates that could possibly fit the family but still...................I just can't get this family.
Strangely I find no birth registrations and in fact if the do tie together in the same family......mostly just links, references and circumstance.

Robert Weaver was the founder of the Independent Chapel in Mansfield in 1795 but which was only allowed to legally officiate and register births, christening, marriages and deaths from 1805. Prior to that I'm told everything would have been through the Anglican - Church of England. Well it appears maybe for other families but not for the WOODs of Mansfield. As James Riddall and Hannah were married in the Independent Chapel, their son John Medley was christened there, William Medley (c 1802) was also christened in an Independent Chapel (Yorkshire)and Robert Weaver and Mary Wood married in the Independent Chapel I've assumed the family as a whole were from a dissenting religion .... makes no difference I still don't find births, marriages or deaths - burials.

Peter - just joined the Family history Online - No luck
Jan - I thought the 1831 census was just basically a head count. The little bits I've uncovered of the family they seem to have been fairly well to do and educated - lawyer & professor and if the documents in the archives (for James Riddall) and some of the newspaper articles are anything to go by ...well respected.

So why they aren't born, christened, married, dead and buried in Mansfield I don't know.

The nearest FHS here is in the next town..........very small and basically Aussie data available. Mostly have to order in films etc.


18-10-2006, 10:34 AM

Did you get the marriage details for Elizabeth MEDLEY & Peter WOOD from the Family History Online site whilst you were on there. In case not, here are the full details of the marriage:

16 May 1792 Peter WOOD, Hosier of Mansfield married Elisabeth MEDLEY, of the parish, at Halifax St John by Licence, Register No 751.0. Peter's abode Notts and Elizabeth's abode Halifax.

I also found a baptism on the IGI of an Elizabeth MEDLEY on 16 August 1767, father John, at Halifax. There is an entry in the 1791 Universal Directory of GB in Halifax of a John MEDLEY, Merchant.

William Medley WOOD was baptised 4 May 1802 at Masborough Independent, father Peter mother Elizabeth according to the IGI. There were also 2 other baptisms at that same place - a James WOOD baptised 17 January 1796, father John mother Easter (Esther???) and Mary WOOD baptised 12 October 1794, father William mother Sarah both of which are the names you are interested in and the correct approximate dates (both again from the IGI) - I wonder if there is a connection?? I can't find any trace of William Medley WOOD in census records from 1841 onwards, but perhaps he dropped the MEDLEY which would make him extremely difficult to trace.

There is a death registration of a Peter WOOD in the Sep qtr 1849 at Mansfield reg district volume 15, page 341 but don't know if he is your Peter or not. I can't find any trace of a Peter WOOD in Mansfield in the 1841 census. There are a few places in Derby which are part of Mansfield reg district, but again there is no Peter WOOD in those parts of Derbyshire in the 1841 census.

I also checked through the Notts Phillimore Marriage Index for any trace of Peter WOOD marriages, but again no success. There are marriages of WOODs in Mansfield but no way of telling whether they are connected to your lot.

I have also found Joseph WOOD on the 1851 census of Mansfield (HO107/2124, folio 64, page 31). He is shown as aged 73, unmarried, a Retired Grocer, born Mansfield, living at Market Place Savings Bank with a married General Servant Mary DRAYCOTT. Interestingly, there is a reference to a Mr J WOOD in the 1849 East Midlands PO Directory for Mansfield saying that he was the Secretary and Actuary of the Savings Bank which was erected in 1843.


18-10-2006, 11:36 AM

Also a reference in the same Directory to Rev. Robert WEAVER, West Hill and Rev. John WOOD, Railway Terminus. Also another reference under Traders for Joseph WOOD, Actuary to Savings Bank, Market Place. The two reverends are mentioned again under their particular places of worship - Independent Chapel, Chapel Alley, Rev. Robert WEAVER, Minister and Baptist Chapel, Stockwell Gate, Rev. John WOOD, Minister.

It is also interesting that in the 1791 Universal Directory of GB for Mansfield there is reference to a John WOOD, Ropemaker & Flax Dresser and a William WOOD, Taylor & Staymaker. Is it a wild flight of fancy or could they be the respective fathers of James WOOD & Mary WOOD baptised in Masborough?? Somehow, there must be a Masborough connection as William Medley was baptised there.

I don't know if any of this will be any use, but it is bugging me that I can't find any trace of at least one baptism or burial, so what it must be doing to you I can't imagine - you must be so frustrated. Anyway, good luck with the rest of your search - I think you may need it.


24-10-2006, 2:20 AM

Bugging me too - the family just happened. There are so many threads in Mansfield that I'm sure taking into account their approximate dates of birth that they are all tied together......... but how. Now too with the Halifax marriage I'm tempted across the boarder.
Mansfield in the News - David Bradbury newspaper extracts
July 28 1792. Lost or stolen from the Queen's Head : a parcel of hosiery delivered \fr Robert Clarke's warehouse that day by Peter Wood & Son, enroute for Halifax. 5 guineas reward on return to James Gibson of Mansfield.

The two lots of rates I have been sent show:

1800. Land Tax for Mansfield (index)
Page 11 Wood George.
Page 28 Wood Jno (John)
Page 03 Wood Peter.
Page 28 Wood Peter. junior.
Page 08 Wood Roby .....? Robert?????
Page 31 Wood William.

1813. Rate Book for Mansfield (index)
Wood Frans. living on Cock Pit,
Wood George living on Stockwell Gate,
Wood John living on West Gate
Wood John living on Leeming Lane
Wood Joseph living on Church St
Wood Joseph living on Ratcliff Gate
Wood Mary living on Stockwell Gate.
Wood Peter living on West Gate

and then

PIGOTS 1830 DIRECTORY - Mansfield has


24-10-2006, 2:25 AM
I know Peter jnr was part of the family he married in London and had a son in Lancashire in 1831 so the Peter shown in the 1830 directory was probably father...........
John the Reverend. Thank you for the info on John being with Robert Weaver - could he have once been a flax dresser or a Rope & twine maker? Maybe the flax dresser /rope & twine makers were Uncle and cousin. I've John (46) in the 1841 Census married to Mary Ann (43) with a daughters Mary Ann (2.5) and Elizabeth Bates (6m).
John of this county....Y. I again don't find a birth abt 1795. Him and Mary both have the same approximate birth abt 1795. Both born Nottingham.

I think Joseph from Church Street is the Joseph in the 1851 Census.
George, Mary and Peter lived at Stockwell gate.....does that tie George to the family. Mary's father was Peter as per her marriage certificate.
William (family name) Robert (Roby), Frans and Samuel I'm not too sure about.
I bought the death cert for the Peter Wood died 1849 and it's for a 53 year old 'draper.' He died at Bridge Street, Mansfield of consumption. John Allen registered the birth. (I've been sent info that Joseph Allen married a Mary Wood as yet haven't established a connection)
I think it's Peter juniors death certificate as his birth would fit in with Mary, James William and John's. He was in Antwerp Belgium as there are 4 children born to him there between 1832 -1837.
William WOOD committed suicide (David Bradbury newspaper extracts - Nottingham Review)
1803 Jun 4 (few days prev): An Mansfield staymaker called Wood "in a respectable way of business" hanged himself "in a paroxysm of mental derangement
1803 Jun 4 (dated Jun 3): To Let/immediate entry: "well-known and old-accustomed SHOP" in Church St near the Market Place, lately occupied by William Wood, stay-maker & salesman, in full business at house death. Stock to be disposed of at fair valuation.

Once again you've come out tops. Thanks for the help and I do hope you don't mind me brain storming with you. Maybe there's a light somewhere in the dark that eventually will flash in my direction.