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01-08-2006, 4:35 PM
Hello to all posters
I've just joined today, so a bit new to the methods of posting on this particular site.
I would be grateful if someone were able or had the means to do a look up for me on the 1851 Census, i have found one of my wife's relations on the 1861 and 1881 census but it has conflicting information ( nothing new in that). On the 1861 census it has for this particular person 18 yrs old and on the 1881 census 44yrs old. One of them is incorrect.
If I list the names and dates I have is it possible for someone to do a look up for me, the information is as follows

Adam Hamilton Born Haswell Durham 1861 census states 18 yrs old, 1881 census 44yrs old.

1861 census
Pearson Hamilton ( could be Thomas Pearson Hamilton ) B.1829 Usworth Durham
Elizabeth "" B. 1832 Usworth Durham
Frances "" B. 1857 Whitelea Durham
Elizabeth "" B. 1859 St Giles Durham
Alice Hamilton B. 1799 Mother St Giles Durham
Adam Hamilton Brother B. 1843 ? Haswell Durham

01-08-2006, 5:48 PM
Hi Jonny,
Welcome to this site.
Though I have done a fairly extensive search I cannot find Adam Hamilton on the 1851 census nor can I find his mother Alice. They do not appear on the 1841 census either although I did locate an Alice Pearson with a son Thomas Pearson about the right ages.
Unfortunately other censuses do not help you with your dilemma, hence I found Adam Hamilton from 1861-1901 and these are the ages given.
He does however always state he was born Haswell, Durham
Cheers Jeremy

01-08-2006, 6:18 PM
Hi Jeeb, thanks, it sounds very much like the right family, Adams brother was called Thomas Pearson Hamilton, i found one of his children's christening on the Familysearch site, Although it stated Pearson as his middle name on the 1861 census it has Pearson as his first name.
I'm just wondering if Alice had Thomas before she married into Hamilton family.

thanks once again, I'll do a bit more searching, it gives me another avenue to go down.