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sheelagh ainsworth
30-07-2006, 7:47 AM
My grandfather was born in 1875. In the 1881 census he was 6 and a scholar.The family lived in PRUSSIA STREET, which I think was Ancoats. Can anyone advise where to look?

Julie Tyrell
30-07-2006, 8:34 AM
Is there a particular reason why you want to know what school he went to or is it just out of curiousity?

Most children under a certain age (I think) were put down on the censuses as 'scholars' whether the were or not.


30-07-2006, 2:57 PM
I have a copy of the Manchester Schools Name Index. This is not an exhaustive list . It may be listed on A2A. If so most of the schools will be listed un M66/

There is nothing listed under Ancoats or Prussia St. Schools at that time were not obligated to keep records.


01-08-2006, 12:46 PM
http://www.manchester.gov.uk/libraries/arls/archives.htm (http://www.manchester.gov.uk/libraries/arls/archives.htm)

I made a few enquiries this morning as I could not believe that there were no Ancoats schools in the catalogue. The catalogue I was checking was only an alphabetical listing of the schools. If you go to the above link and scroll down to Schools and School Boards you will find a PDF file. Once you are in the file you can use "edit and find", enter Ancoats and you will be get a dozen plus results.


sheelagh ainsworth
22-10-2006, 8:06 AM
Sorry for delay in acknowledging replies I have been without computer!OK now!