View Full Version : how to spot the right ancestor?

bob graham
18-07-2006, 4:26 PM
I have a marriage at Bridekirk between Henry Graham and Jane Dockray 16/11/1828 who I am fairly sure are mine. The parish register didn't record ages but does state that both are of this parish.
I have no problem identifying Jane bp 1805 but there are no suitable Henry's from Bridekirk that tie in with the 1841 census putting him at 40.
There is a suitable Henry from Bolton Parish bp 1801 but this is a little way off and I worry about tying that in with "of this parish". Did one only have to be living there at the time of the marriage to qualify?
I am sure someone out there knows the ins and outs of this.

Rod Neep
18-07-2006, 4:31 PM
"of this parish" refers to where the person was living at the time. Not where they were from or where they were born.