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05-11-2004, 6:29 PM
Hi All,
My tree includes James and Francis Partington who moved from Stretford, Manchester to Ivybridge in 1865 - he worked at Allen's Paper Mill in Ivybridge.
He had 7 children - at least 2 worked at the mill - Frank and Fred and well as Elizabeth who was a servant at the Allen's house. I can't find these in the 1891 census only another family of Partingtons - Edward and Elizabeth - can not place this family - although they came from Manchester - any help would be appreciated - it seems that the Partington name is uncommon in Devon - whereas in Manchester it is very common - so any living Devon Partington might be related!!
Cheers Keith Bateman -

03-05-2005, 10:21 PM
Hi, I have just registered and was browsing through 'Devon' as you do when I caught sight of your post and as I live in Ivybridge, thought i'd have a look. James, Frances and family are on 1891 rg12/1721 which comes under Ermington parish. they were at 12 Keaton Road, Ivybridge,with children John,Fred,Francis and Fanny. James was 56 and listed as a papermaker. Just out of interest the mill is still there and both my husband and I worked there in early 1970's.It was then Wiggins Teape and now I believe it is Arjo Wiggins. I do recall when I worked there that there was a collection of photos etc concerning the mill, so thay may still have info. As your post was some time ago, you may have found him now, but I have enjoyed looking through the familiar place names and seen alot of still local family names.

Cheers Ronnie

08-05-2005, 10:45 PM
Hi Ronnie,

Thanks for your interest - I have since found this family - you of course were correct with those details - although when I did find them they were down as "ParLington" - which doesn't help!!
I have a book from my local library in Shropshire all about the Paper Mill in Ivybridge - have since found out that 6 of them worked at the Mill - including Elizabeth who worked as a cook for the Allens - the mill owners.
If you would like to see my Family Tree - where you will find other familes in Ivybridge
If you find you can add anything please email me from the site.

Once again thanks for your help