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14-07-2006, 2:40 PM

Could someone please look up Robert Barker b1840 in Sandy for me please. Wife Susan and sons George, Joseph, Arthur and Herbert.

I have found the following:
1881- RG11 1626/5/4. Chapel Yard, Sandy. Aged 40, Gamekeeper, Born Sandy.
1891- RG12 1255/12/17. Cambridge Road, Sandy. Aged 50, Gamekeeper, Born Sandy.

Many thanks in advance.


14-07-2006, 3:16 PM
Hi Julie
1871 census:
Source information: RG10/1547
Registration district: Biggleswade
Sub-registration district: Potton
ED, institution, or vessel: 1
Folio: 5
Page: 4
Chapel Yard, occupation: Under Gamekeemessage

Arther Charles Barker abt 1869 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England Son Sandy Bedfordshire
George Barker abt 1863 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England Son Sandy Bedfordshire
Joseph Barker abt 1867 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England Son Sandy Bedfordshire
Robert Barker abt 1841 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England Head Sandy Bedfordshire
Susan Barker abt 1842 Sandy, Bedfordshire, England Wife Sandy Bedfordshire

Cary Christopher
18-08-2006, 4:20 PM
I don't know if you have the marriage for Robert Barker to Susan Crawley, but here is that information:

1862, 4th quarter (Oct-Dec)
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
Robert Barker to Susan Crawley
Volume 3b, page 812

Cary C.

Cary Christopher
18-08-2006, 4:28 PM
Here is Robert Barker in 1861, 1851 & 1841 censuses:

1861 England census
Bedfordshire, Sandy
District 1, page 10
Address: Sandy Village

John Barker Head Marr 56 Gardener of 17 acres, employing 2 labourers and 1 boy, (born) Beds. Sandy
Elizabeth " Wife Marr 45 (born) Hunts. Old Weston
Robert " Son Unm 20 (born) Beds. Sandy
Mary J. " Dau 10 Scholar (born) Beds. Sandy
Anne C. " Dau 7 Scholar (born) Ditto, ditto
Elizabeth " Dau 6 Scholar (born) Ditto, ditto


1851 England census
Bedfordshire, Sandy
District 7B, page 13
Address: None indicated

John Barker Head Marr 47 Market gardener of 18 acres employing 2 labourers, (born) Beds. Sandy
Elizabeth " Wife Marr 35 (born) Hunts., Old Weston
William " Son U 17 Works at home, (born) Beds. Sandy
Samuel " Son 15 Works at home, (born) Ditto, ditto
John " Son 12 Scholar, (born) Ditto, ditto
Robert " Son 10 Scholar, (born) Ditto, ditto
Mary Jane " Daur 5 mths (born) Ditto, ditto


1841 England census
Bedfordshire, Sandy
District 5, page 1

John Barker 35 Gardener (born in county) Y
Amy " 25 Y
William " 7 Y
Samuel " 5 Y
John " 2 Y
Robert " 8 months Y
Sarah Sutton 14 Y
(in this census, all ages of adults were rounded to the nearest "5", e.g., 40, 45, 50, etc.)

Notice the name of the mother is different in the 1841 census. It is probable that the mother of the children listed died as I found a death for Amy Barker as follows:

Amy Barker
Death registration 1842
2nd quarter (Apr-June)
Biggleswade (Sandy is in Biggleswade Reg. Dist.). Bedfordshire
Volume 6, page 44


The only matching death for a John Barker of the correct age is as follows:

John Barker
Death registration 1873
4th quarter (Oct-Dec)
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
Volume 3d, page 214

I'm finding only one possible birth record for Robert Barker or "male" Barker born in Biggleswade Registration District in 1840-2nd quarter 1841:

Male Barker
1840, 4th quarter
Volume 6, page 61

No other Robert or "male" Barker registered in Biggleswade Registration District during that time period.

Hope this information helps!

Cary C.

20-08-2006, 3:34 PM
Hi Cary,

Thank you for so much information.. most of it I do have however regarding the death of John Barker, I also presumed it was his death in 1873 but his wife Elizabeth was listed as a widow in the 1871 census.

Any clues?