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08-07-2006, 8:45 AM
Ok this is how far I have gotten.

My great grandfather was Robert Gunning who served in the R.G.A. I received my granny's birth certificate first. She was born in 1913 in Bombay, India. There he was Corporal No 81650 of 79 coy R.G.A.

Next I recieved my G/Auntie's birth certificate. She was born in Pembroke, Wales in 1907. His occupation is just listed as Corporal R.G.A.

My father told me that Robert died when my Dad was about 9 or so. I went onto the death index and found his death in Q4 1952 at the age of 77, making his year of birth 1875.

I finally found his marriage to Louisa Sharp by chucking it into Yahoo! after evenings spent trawling the marriage index. They married in 1903 in Malta. Robert's rank was listed as Bombardier Royal Garr Arty. The marriage was registered by the Command of th 92 Coy R.G.A His father is recorded as Robert Gunning (deceased) and his profession is Civil Engineer. The certificate also states his place of birth as Trichinopoli, East India. He was already 28 making his birth in either Q4 1874 or Q1 1875. It also states his is English.

Great I thought I'll just sending off to the overseas GRO for a birth certificate like i did with my granny's.

But he is not listed on the index and now I don't know what to do?