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06-07-2006, 4:53 PM

Can anyone look up the 1901 census for me please, and check whether Sophia Drinkwater, aged 73, born worshire?, worcester was living with her husband William, and at what address, and whether there were any children living with them.

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06-07-2006, 5:46 PM

Sophia Drinkwater abt 1828 Worcester, Worcestershire, England Wife Worcester Worcestershire
William Drinkwater abt 1834 Wichenford, Worcestershire, England Head Worcester Worcestershire

Sophia Drinkwater
Age: 73
Estimated birth year: abt 1828
Relation: Wife
Gender: Female
Where born: Worcester, Worcestershire, England

Civil parish: Worcester
Ecclesiastical parish: St George
Town: Worcester
County/Island: Worcestershire
Country: England

Source information: RG13/2780
Registration district: Worcester
Sub-registration district: Worcester

attached image, if you can make it out.


06-07-2006, 5:51 PM
mail me and I'll send you the Census doc.


Peter Goodey
06-07-2006, 6:18 PM

Here's how to get the answer to your question completely free of charge.

1. Go to the National Archives 1901 site.
2. Enter Sophia's details.
3. Note that she lives in the county of Worcestershire and parish of Worcester.
4. Search again and select advanced options and additional place details.
5. Enter the county and parish names in the place (advanced) section and just the surname (nothing else) in the personal details section.
6. Hit search and you'll get a list of all Drinkwaters in the parish.
7. Hover the mouse over the "image" icon for Sophia and look at the status bar. Note the last few characters in the ID number (where it says "&enc=..."). You'll ned to have the status bar visible for this.
8. Now hover the mouse over the icon for all the others people in turn and look for a match. In this case Sophia matches with William the coachman. There are no other matches so that's your answer - Sophia and William are still together and there's nobody else living with them.

Magic. And free!

08-07-2006, 12:08 PM

thats a great tip! this site should ahve a top tips section to put this info into.


Peter Goodey
08-07-2006, 1:05 PM
"thats a great tip!"

Thanks. But I suspect Carol prefers your answer!

08-07-2006, 6:32 PM
they lived at 26 Barbourne Road, this is the main road leaving Worcester towards Droitwich. shows no children but they were pensioners.. lol