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mark henshaw
04-07-2006, 5:57 PM
hi im trying to trace any info on my great grand father john henshaw killed in action. I think he may have come from the iornbridge area. thanks.

Peter Goodey
04-07-2006, 6:53 PM
Have you tried here? - http://www.cwgc.org/default.asp

I think you'll find several by that name. Do you have any more details? Any other forenames? Was he married? Names of parents?

mark henshaw
04-07-2006, 7:57 PM
thanks for your reply Peter unfortunately I don't have many details I am trying to find out which regiment he was in I think he was killed in Ypres

05-07-2006, 9:24 AM
Do you know where he lived prior to the war - was he married and if so to whom? Who were his parents? Was James Henshaw his full name?

The CWGC web-site
is a good place to start. Enter a surname and an initial and restrict the search top WW1. You'll get a list of possibles, lots of them just HENSHAW, J. Not a lot of use? Try clicking on them in turn, you'll see that several have relatives listed (number 6 in the list is a good example).

I suggest noting down the details of any possble matches as a reference.


05-07-2006, 9:25 AM
part 2.....

Also try 1837 online - it's a pay per view site - they have lots of indices to help research. Select 'Overseas' then 'deaths' and lastly (assuming he was 'other' ranks and not officer), seelt, 'Army Other ranks 1914-1921', There are a couple of James Henshaws listed - do any of them match up with the CWGC site?

Also on the 1837 online site, search military records and see if you can locate your chap - there are two in the 'Soldiers Died in the Great War' index, one born Lowton, t'other born Salford whose residence was Weaste. Also on 1837online is the National Roll of Honour with some hits.

Try TNA's documents onlineand see if you can find his medal card

Does any of this help?

Peter Goodey
05-07-2006, 10:09 AM

I think you need to do a bit of conventional family history before you can identify which one is yours.

If this is your great grandfather, he must have been married. You must have got his name by working through your grandfather's generation.

So you should already have your grandfather's birth certificate which gives you his father's name (with luck, his full name) and his mother's name and maiden name.

I suspect that you haven't actually got this birth certificate. If I'm right, you would be well advised to get it ASAP. Cutting corners is the best path to confusion, doubt and simply getting the family tree totally wrong!

16-07-2009, 7:16 PM
my mothers brother was james henshaw born birkenheadand he is on the war memorial , killed october 1942

16-07-2009, 7:22 PM
Hopefully he sees this forwarded to his email. The last time he seemed to appear here is 2006.

28-07-2009, 3:52 PM
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