View Full Version : Can you help? TOWE, EDWARDS, CLARKE, COUZENS

30-06-2006, 5:04 AM
Hello, my name is Laura Jane Stanford, and i am trying to locate family members from my fathers side of the family.
Surnames include: TOWE, EDWARDS, COUZENS & CLARKE.
My father is Barry Roland Towe, and he was born in Derby, UK on April 11th 1946.
His parents (my grandparents) are William Roland Towe and Edna June Towe (Edwards). Edna (my grandmother) was born on June 30th in approx. 1925 in Reading, UK. William (my grandfather) was born on Feb 18th in approx. 1920, and passed away on April 19th 2003.
They moved from Derby to Devizes, Wiltshire and had 4 children, Barry Towe (my father, later changed surname to Stanford), Stephen Towe, Linda Towe and Miranda Towe.
My grandmother, Edna Towe (Edwards) had parents most likely residing in Reading, UK. Her father (my great-grandfather) was called Walter Geofrey Edwards, and was married to Hilda Couzens (my great-grandmother). Edna also had siblings/brothers Dennis and Leonard.
My grandfather, William Towe had parents possibly born in approx. 1895 -1900. His father (my great-grandfather) was called Albert Towe, and was married to Bertha Mildred Clarke (my great-grandmother).
I have lost contact with my aunties and grandmother in England, and hope someone else can help expand my family tree, and help me get in contact with family members. As an only child, with no first cousins, I am searching for all the people I can to call family.
Thanks for your time, I hope you can help. Yours Faithfully, Laura.