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24-06-2006, 1:14 PM
Have traced ancestors back to a John Lambden m to Ann (?Ann Aldridge 1795 in Hurst Berkshire)
Between 1795 and 1813 the couple had numerous children all baptised in Waltham St Lawrence. These children all moved away (to Wokingham etc).

There are no other records in Waltham for any Lambdens either post or pre this period. I have not been able to trace where John came from or went to.

28-06-2006, 8:19 PM
Hi have you been able to find when John and Ann died, if you have their burial that should give an age, that way you can start looking around the right time.

There are 2 John's born in Hampshire 1740-1763, 1 in Berkshire, one in London and another in Warwickshire. There could of course be more but at least that's a start. Also if you have their marriage if may give where born. A family member could also be a witness. Names ran in families.
1st boy after fathers father
2nd after mothers father
3rd after father
1st girl after mothers mother
2nd fathers mother
3rd mother

This started to change early 1800 but some did still keep to the old ways. Have you found others with the same name near, check them out, could be a family member.

Hope I have given you some more ideas for hunting, good luck.


Peter Goodey
28-06-2006, 9:56 PM
What does the parish register say for your possible 1795 marriage?

You may find something useful on the FamilyHistoryOnline site under Berkshire.

See what the Berks FHS has to offer.

Otherwise make your way to Reading and spend some time at the Records Office and/or the Berks FHS rsearch centre.