View Full Version : Alexander Duff of 88th Regt "Connaught Rangers"

15-06-2006, 9:45 AM
I'm trying to find evidence of a link in my ancestral chain.

Does anyone know anything about Gen Sir Alexander Duff of Delgaty or about the Connaught Rangers. I know about Sir Alex's ancestry and what is in the Book of the Duffs so I have details about the main public incidents of his life including his military career.

What I'm looking for is detailed info on his regiment and where it was at particular times, especially 1803-4 when he was a Lieutenant Colonel. I'm led to understand they returned from India and Egypt in 1802 and were camped in the Icklesham area between Rye and Hastings on the Sussex south coast before heading off to South America in 1806.

Can anyone fill in any details or tell me more about the regiment or point me in the right direction? Do such things as lists of who was in regiments exist, in case there were other Duffs in the regiment?