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Gary Huddlestone
02-11-2004, 11:34 PM
After a few years away from my research I'm now trying to pick up where I left off...any information on the Huddlestone name in Nottingham will be most welcome. I've collected quite a lot a data myself, but it needs a little correllation, however I might be able to help someone else with info if they need it but it might take a little time. New Wife, New baby, new house...no time!!!!

19-03-2005, 12:59 AM
Most of my relatives were born in Islington, Bow,Shoreditch or Kensington, in the 1800's. Are there any similarties here?
Jim Huddlestone

19-10-2007, 7:40 PM
any information on the Huddlestone name in Nottingham

Most of my relatives were born in Islington, Bow,Shoreditch or Kensington, in the 1800's.

Hi Jim and Gary

I am trying to find more information on an Emma HUDDLESTONE who was married in Newark, Nottinghamshire on 16 Jul 1833 to a certain Samuel HODGSON (b1799 London).

This HODGSON family, originally from Yorkshire, had, by 1800, settled in London - St Pancras and Marylebone.

Thus I sort of link your two emails.

Emma HUDDLESTONE was born abt 1811 Newark (1851 census) or abt 1816 not in county (1841 census).
I have found on the IGI an Amy christened 1802 in Edingley, and a HUDDLESTONE family christening children a little earlier in Giggleswick, Yorkshire which is not far from where these HODGSONs originated. Quite clearly neither of these are right.

Have you any ideas or suggestions?
Thank you

20-10-2007, 9:26 AM

From the Notts FHS Baptismal Index cd:

14 June 1810 at Newark Emana (Emma?) daughter of John & Ann HUDDLESTONE

They had quite a few other children. Let me know if you would like details.


27-10-2007, 12:42 PM

Thank you - wonderful.

Emma married into the HODGSON line that I am interested in and for these individuals I just try and have sufficient information for another researcher to be certain that we have the same person. Thus christening details and parent's names along with the source are perfect.

If Notts FHS has produced a marriage index, and you have access to it, could you please check that the (extracted) information I found in the IGI is correct for Emma HUDDLESTONE and Samuel HODGSON and if there is any additional information eg witnesses.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

28-10-2007, 11:37 AM

As it is a Marriage Index, there is no information other than the fact that Samuel HODGSON married Emma HUDDLESTONE on 16 July 1833 at Newark. But it does at least give you corroboration for the IGI extracted entry.

In case you would like them, here are the baptisms of the other children to John & Ann HUDDLESTONE:

17 November 1798 Anne Garton daughter of John & Anne HUDDLESTON
18 April 1800 Algernon son of John & AnnHUDDLESTONE
6 July 1802 Sarah Maria daughter of Jno and Anne HUDDLESTONE
20 September 1803 Thomas Creswick son of John & Anne HUDDLESTON
22 November 1804 Marianne daughter of John & Ann HUDDLESTON - buried 19 January
1805 (Mary Ann)
31 May 1806 John William son John & Anne HUDDLESTONE
9 December 1808 Elizabeth daughter John & Ann HUDDLSTONE - buried 4 May 1809

There is a burial on 18 April 1809 of a John Thomas son John & Ann HUDDLESTON - could this be the John William baptised above?? Also a burial on 3 November 1828 of John HUDDLESTON, aged 64 of Newark.

There is a member submitted IGI marriage record of a John HUDDLESTONE and Ann CRESWICK on 13 November 1797 at Sheffield, Yorkshire.

Thomas Creswick HUDDLESTONE seems to have stayed in Newark, married a Charlotte and had several children there.

Hope this helps.


29-10-2007, 10:20 AM
Hi Jan

That's brilliant - more than enough for someone else to pick up the HUDDLESTONE side of this line and giving me complete notes. Thank you, and for confirming the marriage. I feel a bit stupid - you did write index and then I go and ask for extra information.

To make this information more useful to anyone trawling these archives, I have traced the HODGSON-HUDDLESTONE family in London in the 1841, 1851 and some of them in the 1871 census but not the 1861 census.

There are some possible BMDs in the GRO indices but without extra information, purchasing certificates (a low priority for my cash at present) and with a surname like HODGSON it is not possible to be certain which are correct. Thus there is no marriage or death information below. I have not investigated wills or burial records, to date.

What I have is:
1. Samuel HODGSON (b 7May1799 Marylebone, London - )
~ Emma HUDDLESTONE (bp 14 Jun 1810 Newark, Notts - )
a. Samuel Haygarth (1835-1871) - unusual second name makes him traceable.
b. Emma Anne (1837- )
c. Mary (1841- )
d. Mary Elizabeth (1846- ) may be same as above. She is with her parents in 1871 census (no other children present) but not on 1851 census whereas Mary is on 1851.
e. Alfred (1847- )
f. Francis (1849- )
g. Julia (1851- )
All born Marylebone, London (except Mary and Mary Elizabeth - Middx and Hampstead respectively).

To place this in the context of my research; my aim is to trace the descendants of Haygarth Taylor HODGSON - an "economic" migrant from Sedbergh, Yorkshire to London, where he set up as a bookseller. Samuel was his second son.


Thank you again Jan

02-01-2008, 1:58 AM
I'm in Nottingham and there is a Huddlestone family lives along the road from me. Will chat to the lady next time I see her at our NHW meeting and see if I can find anything of interest to you.

19-12-2008, 10:04 AM
just spotted your posting, so you may not need any info as you asked for it a few years ago!
i have huddlestone in my family and i can see from the notes that a couple are linked to mine [sheffield] london,
my mum who has just introduced herself[pursehouse48.[my jan-jan], has lots of info on this family, who they married into nowills, harrisons, wilsons, chapmans, and many more. she has info on the colleges some of them attended, jobs etc.
if you're interested let me know
regards janine