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31-05-2006, 11:19 PM
Looking for help.
I have William Bone 1809 [currier] married Margaret Russell 1812 in Glasgow 2nd December 1831.
They were on the 1841 census in Cockermouth,Cumbria,withtheir family.All born in Scotland.
I visited Edinburgh Registry Office and saw their marriage cert. No mention of parents,which was what I was looking for,so I didnt take a copy.
I now intend to order one, however my problem is that I am trying to tie William up to George Bone 1777 and Ann Barclay 1777 who married 30/7/1808,the year before Wiliam was born.
My dad reckons these are his parents ,but I havent seen any confirmation and dont know where to look.
I have the family back to 1702,and forward from 1809 to now, its the bit in the middle I need confirmed. I should have mentioned the family were originally from Mid Moncurr,Kilwinning.
I am hoping someone knows of connections,even on the Barclay side. I dont even know of any other children George and Ann may have had.
I,ll keep my fingers crossed.
Rene 196

Julie Tyrell
01-06-2006, 8:05 AM
Sorry I can't help with your family but I am curious to know why you are now going to order the marriage certificate.

I reason I say is that I waited in anticipation for a marriage certificate for this period for g.g.g.g. grandparents only to be dissappointed when it arrived as was just like a record of the reading of the banns.

You say that you have looked at the records and found a similiar thing (no mention of parents), I just didn't want you wasting your money or getting your hopes up that there maybe more information.

Sorry for being nosey, Julie

01-06-2006, 3:35 PM
Hi Julie ,I dont think you are being nosy at all.
My friend ,who says she has never got a cert with NO info on ,has me doubting that maybe I have missed something important,I dont think I have {but just in case]
When I was at Edinburgh I should have got a copy ,it would only have cost me 50p,but I didnt see the point at the time ,since the information contained what I had already printed from Scotlands People.
Anyway ,thanks for the interest,at least I know someone is reading my message.


02-06-2006, 8:35 AM
I am after my "bones" from cockermouth
david bone parker b orn 1915-16 migrated in the 1950's to aus
he was married to mary temple born 1922
his parents were thomas parker and isabel /isabella bone.
i believe there is still family living in cockermouth any info would vbe of great help as i cannot get certificates to go any further right now. as I only have access to what is free on line.
there seem to have been several isabel bones born abt the same time in cockermouth.

02-06-2006, 3:10 PM
Hi, I have found the marriage of Isabella Bone and Thomas Parker 3rd quarter of 1912 in Carlisle.[record number is 10b1069].
Dont know if she came from Carlisle, or where Thomas came from. Will keep looking later when I have more time.
I found Isabella Bone born in Whitehaven 1876,but that would have made her 36 when she got married,and 39 when she had David,which is quite old for a first child,not impossible,but I dont think this is the right one.
Will keep looking


14-05-2016, 6:59 AM
I acidently stumbled on your post and even though it is 10 years old I had to reply in case.
My name was Patricia Parker and my Dad was David Bone Parker his parents were Isabella and Thomas, HE had a brother Thomas bone Parker They both died many years ago but have children. if you want to know more I would be happy to help with any inffo I have. also rene196 Isabella and David were both married before but they. had children I think 14 between them but only David and Thomas were from that marriage.