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01-11-2004, 9:54 PM
I am searching for a family surname Maxfield. Not a common surname but I can't find the right ones - very irritating. If anyone has access to the 1841/51 could they do me a great favour and look them up please?
They should be:-
George Maxfield. Born circa 1805 believed to be Broxbourne/Cheshunt area.
Sarah Maxfield. His wife.
Eldest son Joseph Maxfield. Born 1827. Broxbourne.
George Maxfield. Born 1830. Cheshunt.
Emily Ann Maxfield. Born 1832. Cheshunt.
Eliza Maxfield. Born 1834. Cheshunt.
Jane Maxfield. Born 1836. Cheshunt.
& the last one who should be on the 1841 is Sarah Maxfield. Born 1840. Cheshunt.
On 1851 there should be a Maria Maxfield Born 1842. Cheshunt. & a Thomas Maxfield. born 1844. Cheshunt.
The entire family have vanished by the 1871 census on Ancestry.
Would be very very very grateful if anyone can find them.

Steve Steere
22-12-2004, 6:35 PM
Hi Di & Trev,

I only have access to the Herts 1851 (Pieces 1705-1716) and they are not visible in Broxbourne (folio's 21-42).

Unfortunately Cheshunt comes under the Edmonton Registration District on Piece 1704 which I haven't got.


22-12-2004, 9:06 PM
Thanks Steve,
I've now ordered the Cheshunt 1851 census from FHL so with any luck.......