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23-05-2006, 5:41 PM
I am looking for the family of John Pinkehem/Pinkehorn (maybe a variation of Pincombe?)
John is listed in the 1861 census in Tywardreath -
23 years old, a mason, from Bideford, boarding with the John Cock family

John Cock was a miner, born about 1810 in Walkhampton - he married Mary Rich of St Tudy in Tywardreath, and their children were born there.

John Pinkehem married daughter Eliza Cock in Tywardreath in 1861.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated - even just the most likely spelling for his last name!


ET in the USA
23-05-2006, 6:26 PM
I'm not sure that most likely are words that can be used to describe either the spelling of a name from one time to the next, or the transcription of that name to page or database. This is especially true of the handwritten ones :)

Here is how freebmd.rootsweb.com chose to transcribe the marriage on this particular entry.

Marriages Jun 1861
Cock Eliza St Austell 5c 212
Pinckhen John St Austell 5c 212

The image on the above site is really dark. The site below has a better image, and that spelling is what it looks like to me, however if I do a search for that name spelled that way, the only entry to appear is the marriage, so I am guessing that any children have been spelled differently. I suggest you play around with different spellings on both these sites.

The FreeBMD site can search for things like Pin* where * = a wildcard. This only works if there aren't too many hits, but it is usually possible to limit the years or districts and find what you need.

Tywardreath is in the St. Austell Distrist in Cornwall

Bideford is in the Bideford district of Devon.