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21-05-2006, 11:43 PM
As a complete novice to tracing family history i need to know how to trace the death of a Leonard James Benjamin Maund born 23/9/1878
I have his details as Tenbury Geg District Vol 6c Page 283
Other than that all i know is that he was living in Ladywood Birmingham in 1919 after being demobilised from the armed forces and maybe moved to Hall Green in 1927
A relative seems to think that the date of death was 5/4/unknown year
Is it possible to get further with only this info

Thanks for any help anyone may offer


22-05-2006, 12:48 AM
Hi Brummy10

Welcome to the forum! :) You will need to look through the General Register Office (GRO) indexes to find the death. If you live in the UK you can look through the records held on microfiche at a library (look on the internet to find ones that have the indexes). Or you can look for free on ancestry. You will need to register your email address, but do not give credit card details unless you want to sign up & pay for the full service.
After that it is just a case of wading through the records until you find the one you want. It may take hours, but at least you have an unusual name to look for. It could be worse. you could be looking for a John Smith!
To narrow down the search, if you have access to trade directories for the area, then you can search for Leonard Maund & see when his name no longer appears in the directories.