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Colin Moretti
21-05-2006, 9:47 AM
Hello everyone

I have a relative who, in 1848, described himself as John CHRISTOPHERS, of Gloucester-house, Southampton, and of Trekenning, county of Cornwall, Esq.

He seems to have lived in London for many years, he married Mary CROWCH there in 1811 and 9 of their 12 children were born there, the remaining 3 in Southampton, so I don't know what his connection with Trekenning was.

He died in October 1850 in St Columb Major, the address given was High Street and the informant was Elizabeth GEORGE. In his will he refers to ... all and every my real estates situated in the County of Cornwall ...; unfortunately it gives no more information than that. Given the reference to Trekenning I would guess that the High St address would not be his main residence in the area.

One of his sons (John Crowch CHRISTOPHERS) has been found in 1871 living in St Kew.

Does anyone know anything about this family or can someone suggest the best way to investigate the Cornish link (unfortunately I don't think that a visit to the RO is on the cards)?

Thanks for your assistance


21-05-2006, 10:18 AM
Dear Colin,

Have you visited the GENUKI site for St Columb Major? That will give you lots of info. There is a St Columb Major mailing list too which is linked from the GENUKI page. Trekenning was a large manor house and the High Street address would be his town house. John C. Christophers/Christophus his son married Harriet born Leicester in 1826 and they had 4 children born in St Kew at Skisdon Lodge. John is described as a Consulting Surgeon. By 1881 the family were at Cliffe House, Bruton, Somerset. Hope this helps a bit :D

Colin Moretti
21-05-2006, 9:56 PM
Hello Scottie (or is it Susan?)

It was only after I posted my message that I realised that it was you who sent me details in April of the son's family in an email from the St Columb Major mailing list - you had signed as Susan rather than Scottie.

Let's hope that there's someone else out there with some information.

Many thanks


22-05-2006, 9:03 AM
Yes Colin I am one and the same and I thought I had sent you details before but was not sure. Perhaps the St Columb List I told you of will have someone who can help you further. I wonder where the daughter was in 1871 when all the rest of the children were in St Kew? I am on lots of lists and do not always remember who has asked on which!!!

05-06-2006, 8:12 PM
Hi Colin
John Christophers is also a relative of mine.
I had just posted you a big note but it disappeared when I went to submit. I don't want to do the same, so this is a quick one.
John Christophers grandson 'Henry St John Christophers' emigrated to NZ and I'm descended from him.
Have some more info on John Christophers and John Crouch Christophers. Am new to this forum - so will post this now and hope to hear from you.