View Full Version : Immigrant Sailing Ship, James Moran

19-05-2006, 4:39 AM
Hi - I don't know where to put this question.

I have found the shipping lists and tracked down a heap of rellies from this list - rather surprised myself doing it too.

Now - I am wondering about the ship itself. I have found websites with despriptions e.g.

"The James Moran, a ship of 600 tons, sailed under Captain Ferguson and Dr McNee. It left Loch Inver and Loch Broom, on 21st October, 1838, and arrived at Port Jackson on the 11th February 1839. When it arrived, 210 passengers disembarked, including infants born on the voyage. "

So the rellies arrived safe and sound...now, has anyone any idea where I might find a picture of the ship to use as a background for the information.

Photography was in its infancy - barely a twinkle in the eye of Kodak - I do have a picture of one ancestor, it was on tin!

So...somewhere there could be a paining.

Anyone with some help in this direction? I'd be most pleased.