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13-05-2006, 9:19 PM
I am attempting to find baptismal details for a Henry Shepheard son of James believed to have been born in the Bridgwater area circa 1810-1820.

Any help to overcome this 25 year brick wall would be most appreciated.

What we know:

James Shepheard as father of Henry and Henry's birthplace as Bridgwater Somerset is based on two separate documents.

1. ADM 38 7474 Description Book HMS Ajax (4 Feb 1853): gives Henry's age as 34 years, 9 months and his place of birth as Bridgwater Somerset. Trade brought up to sea.

2. Marriage Certificate: Henry Sheppard and Elizabeth Vigers shows Henry's father as James Shepheard seaman.

James does not appear in 1851 and 1841 census. He was a seaman so it is not inconceivable that if still living he was at sea on census days.

Dots to be connected!

In June 1836 a Henry Sheppard age 25 born in Bridgwater was listed as the mate of the St. Piere of Bridgwater; James Pooleman Owner. (We cannot be sure this is our Henry but it is possible).

ADM 38 7474 indicates he joined the HMS DRUID 20 July 1841. The Druid was at this time in the China Sea. Could Henry (and possibly James) have been in the employ of the East India Company?

An online database of Bridgwater ship owners and crews from the 1863-190x contains several Shep*rd references including a vessel called Shepherd owned by James Shepheard in 1863, (http://www.somerset.gov.uk/archives/asp/shipname.asp?Ship=Shepherd ). Not likely to be our James but possibly the same family. Bearing that in mind it is interesting to note that ownership of the vessel changes in 1867 to C. Shepherd, keeping it in the family for a few more years.

An index to the 1861 Census for the Bridgwater-Stowey area contains a James Shepherd age 38 possibly the above mentioned James.

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13-05-2006, 9:47 PM
Is this your man ? He was born in about 1809. If you think it might be him, do you already have this document ?

Deaths Mar 1895
Shepherd Henry 86 Bridgwater 5c 319

13-05-2006, 10:47 PM
Henry was serving on board on HMS Impregnable the guardship and local depot at Devonport DEV. at the time of his death.12 Nov 1853.