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13-05-2006, 12:39 PM
Looking for Alice WHILEY born abt 1883 in Friskney. She is a servant in another household in 1901, like to know where she fits in my family lines from the area.


Pam Downes
13-05-2006, 7:09 PM
Hi Christine,

RG12/2602 folio 78 page 3
Marsh, Wainfleet St Mary

Levi WHILEY, head, mar, 35, farm labourer, Lincolnshire Wainfleet St Mary
Mary, wife, 34, Lincolnshire Wrangle
Alice Mary, daur, 8, scholar, Lincolnshire Friskney
George, son, 4, Lincolnshire Friskney
Emma L, daur, 4, Lincolnshire Friskney
Fred T, son, 2, Lincolnshire Friskney
Sarah E, daur, 10months, Lincolnshire Wainfleet St Mary
James W Scargill, lodger, s, 18, farm labourer, Lincolnshire Winthorpe.

Marriage on FeeBMD December quarter 1880
Levi Whiley and Mary Horrey, Spilsby registration district.

If you want any earlier census stuff, yell.


14-05-2006, 2:09 AM
Many thanks Pam,

I will have the other earlier census since you offered :D thanks.

We have a Levi in our 'masterlist' baptised in Moulton - parents Adam and Rebecca. Which is a co-incidence, as I purchased and downloaded a marriage certificate last night for a John WHILEY who married 1893, in Victoria, Australia and he also came from Moulton. We are trying to sneak back via other lines to find where ours came from before turning up in Friskney!

thanks again

Pam Downes
14-05-2006, 2:34 AM
RG11/3254 folio 37 page 6

Levi WHILEY, head, mar, 25, ag lag, Lincoln Wainfleet
Mary, wife, mar, 20, Lincoln Wrangle
Eliza, daur, 4, scholar, Lincoln Wrangle

The index also showed the other Levi Whiley, aged 22, born Moulton, son of Adam and Rebecca, living with his parents in Wyberton.

Pam Downes
14-05-2006, 2:53 AM
RG10/3388 folio 47 page 6
Small End Road, Friskney

Indexed as Levi Mully, and I can fully understand why. You have to know why it should be Whiley and then by looking at the 'w' in wife and Wrangle, etc, you can just see the letters.

Levi WHILEY, serv, unm, 15, farm servant - indoor, Lincolnshire Wainfleet.
Head of the household is Stephen Alford, farmer, occupying 230 acres, employing 6 labourers.

RG10/3335 folio 13 page 17
Workhouse end, Wrangle

I think this is Mary, surname indexed as Carey. (Will check my LFHS surname index later for a second opinion.)

William ORREY, head, mar, 45, ag lab, Lincolnshire Leake
Sarah, wife, mar, 41, Lincolnshire Leake
Thomas, son, u, 14, ag lab, Lincolnshire Wrangle
Mary, daur, 10, scholar Lincolnshire Wrangle
Anne, daur, 8, scholar Lincolnshire Wrangle
Eliza, daur, 6, scholar Lincolnshire Wrangle
John, son 3, Lincolnshire Wrangle

Pam Downes
14-05-2006, 3:13 AM
RG9/2373 folio 107 page 14
Mouse Lane, Wainfleet St Mary

Catherine GOODERSON, head, widow, 80, Lincolns Claxby
Tinsley WHYLEY, son in law, mar, 35, agl labor, Lincolns Wainfleet St M
Emma, daur do, mar, 31, Lincolns Wainfleet St M
Emma, grandaur, un, 8, scholar, Lincolns Wainfleet St M
Levi, grandson, un, 5, scholar, Lincolns Wainfleet St M

Marriage on FreeBMD September quarter 1852 Spilsby registration district for Kinsley Whiley.
Definitely handwritten as Kinsley. (page 71)
GRO Index lists Emma Gooderson marrying same quarter with same ref. (page 45)

Pam Downes
14-05-2006, 3:58 AM
No obvious Tinsley/Tinsly/Tinley Kinsley/Kinsly
Whiley/Whyley/Whily on 1851 census.

IGI shows Kinsley Whiley baptised in Wainfleet St Mary in 1827, parents Willerton and Ann, plus 2 siblings. The parents are on the 1851 with two further children, living Mouse Lane, Wainfleet.

Same story on 1841 census. Found parents and children, but no Kinsley.

Let me know who else you want me to continue with from those I've found. e.g. Emma Gooderson. I don't know how important they are, so will only find them if you want them. :)

14-05-2006, 9:42 AM
many thanks Pam,

this is very much appreciated. No need to do anything else for them, I'll have to digest this and see what turns up with playing with them. Thanks for spotting that other Levi too, the database does have two, the same 3 years difference in ages.

warm wishes

Pam Downes
14-05-2006, 11:36 AM
RG10/3335 folio 13 page 17
Workhouse end, Wrangle

I think this is Mary, surname indexed as Carey. (Will check my LFHS surname index later for a second opinion.)
Definitely Orrey.
There's also a Thomas Orrey on the next page, widower, looks as if his age is 80 (as usual there's a line through it!), born Leake who *might* turn out to be William's father.
(Promising entry on IGI.)

14-05-2006, 1:04 PM

:D Christine