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26-04-2006, 7:52 PM
I have been searching for many years for my Callaghan family, on the 1881 and 1871 census I have Thomas born approx 1868 in Wales and on one shown as Flint............Which I have never been able to find.....I have just found an entry for Thomas James Callghan born 1867, registered in Dec 1/4 in Holywell, Denbigshire Flintshire........(thank you BMD!)

I now have lots of questions......how do I get a certificate for him? is it easier to apply to the local office? or to go via GRO?

Now I might have a link to his father John Patrick Callaghan, who is shown as being born in Ireland, Wales and Liverpool depending on which census I look at!! John Patrick is shown as being born around 1844/45 and his father is John Callaghan Bookkeeper, sadly I have found no trace of them at all, and the earliest I can go back with John Patrick is his marriage in 1865 in Liverpool to Phoebe Scotland.

would anybody be able to check John Callaghan Bookkeeper out on the 1841 or 1851 census for me?

{This could just be another dead end, as they are shown as having children in Widnes, Liverpool, Bolton (farnworth), and Windle! So they did travel around a lot.}

Thank You

25-11-2007, 3:01 AM
Hello Keren,
Looking on the 1841 census there were only 3 John Callaghans.
This one seemed promising.

where born: Ireland
Registration district: Merthyr Tydfil
Cornelius Callaghan 50
Cornelius Callaghan 20
John Callaghan 20
Margaret Callaghan 10
Mary Callaghan 50

and this one
Jno Callaghan
Age: 9
Where born: Monmouthshire, Wales
Eliza Callaghan 15
Jno Callaghan 9
Joanna Callaghan 6
Mary Callaghan 35
Mary Callaghan 12
Robt Callaghan 4

and this was the 3rd one.

John M Callaghan
Age: 8
Where born: Ireland
John M Callaghan 8
Eliz Mogan 60
Caroline Morgan 30
Cathn Morgan 20
Margt Morgan 25
Richd Ocallegar 35

Kind Regards
Peter Euston

25-11-2007, 3:16 AM
Hello again,
In the 1851 census there were only 4 Johns. 1 was only 9 and another was 14 and from Spain so I didn't include them.

John Callaghan
Age: 37
Spouse's name: Honoria
Where born: Cork, Ireland

County/Island: Glamorgan
Country: Wales

Cornelius Callaghan 1
Honoria Callaghan 22
John Callaghan 37
Mary Callaghan 5
Michael Fanning 28
Michael Jeffcot 27
James Slattery 25
Thomas Slattery 22

John Callaghan
Age: 29
Spouse's name: Sarah
Where born: Simriek, Ireland
Civil Parish or Township: Steynton
County/Island: Pembrokeshire
Country: Wales

John Callaghan 29
Sarah Callaghan 48
Elizabeth Saunders 16
Sarah Sutton 92

Neither of them were book keepers

Kind Regards
Peter Euston

31-05-2008, 11:18 AM
I never did say thank you for the information, I have been without a computer for a while, and forgot about this site until I got a birthday message.

I will attempt to start working on my tree again.

09-09-2008, 12:26 PM
Hi Keren,

If you go back into the U.K. BMD,find again the person you are interested in,on the right-hand side of the entry you will find a ref: Letter and number.

Click on this ref: and print out the cert.request form,fill in and post to the address given in the registration box.....costs about 7pounds sterling.

Hope this is helpful and good luck.