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26-04-2006, 2:19 PM
Can anyone help me about a John Grove. His son Thomas Grove a carpet weaver in Kidderminster,was born about 1813 and married on March 31st 1839 to a Mary Ann Siner.
Any help would be much appreciated.


27-04-2006, 10:24 AM

There is this John GROVE in the 1841 census of Kidderminster who is a Carpet Weaver - any use??

HO107/1208/9, folio 12, page 16
Coventry Street

John GROVE 75 Carpet Weaver J. Born in county yes
Lucy do 70 yes

Unfortunately, neither appear in the 1851 census. I can only find 2 other John GROVEs of approximately the correct age to be Thomas's father in Kidderminster, one on HO107/1208/3, folio 8, page 7 in Dudley St, who is aged 70, Ind and not born in the county and the other on HO107/1197/15, folio 7, page 5 in the Hamlet of Lower Mitton aged 55, Labourer plus Martha GROVE, aged 14 and Elizabeth WALKER, 55, F.S. all born in the county.

Hope this helps.


29-04-2006, 3:29 PM
Thanks for the infomation,my cousin in america sent her side of family but both of us came to a halt with John. She has a marriage certificate of Thomas and Mary ann which states John grove and James siner were both labourers and just states parish church.The certificate was witnessed by an Edward Hardwicke according to "rites and ceremonies of the established church" Thomas's son was married at the Ebenezer chapel kidderminster and his son was married at the New meeting house kidderminster both non conformist,would one of these be classed as a parish church or would it be st mary's which is the towns main church?


06-02-2008, 10:35 PM
My maiden name is Grove and my grandfather was Alfred Grove whose first wife was Mary Ann Foster. They were from Kiddeminster England and Alfred first arrived in the US on July 30, 1903. One of their children was named Thomas so I wonder if the Thomas Grove you are asking about might be my great grandfather. Since I am 77 years old and an only child there is no one in my family I can ask about this. All of my father's siblings are deceased. I had seen your posting only today when I decided to do a Google search on Kiddeminster England birth records. A few years ago I did a search of the immigration records for Ellis Island in New York City, where all immigrants had to sign in when arriving from England or Europe. I have printed out the ship manifests on my family and also find that a Jan E. Grove, 36 year old male, born in Kiddeminster, arrived in the US on March 5, 1904 along with my father, Wilfred, his brother, Thomas Henry, and his sister, Annie. Another record I found states that a Thomas Hy. (Henry?)Grove, age 32, born in Kiddeminster, arrived in the US on August 7, 1910. It seems likely that all of these are related. I know that Alfred, my grandfather was alone when he first came to the US in July 1903. He went back within a few weeks and came alone again in August 1903. Then the records show that his wife, Mary Jane and his children, Wilfred, Thomas Henry and Annie came to the US on March 5 1904, along with a Jan E. Grove. I remember my father telling me that he remembered returning to England when he was a child and that they had trouble returning to the US because of the first World War. I have found the immigration record when he and his whole family did return to the US on Sept. 8, 1914. I have no idea whatever happened to the Thomas HY. or Jan E. that I have mentioned. My father never mentioned either of these names to me. Is this any help? I would be interested in hearing from you.
Dawn Grove Westbrook