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Julie Tyrell
18-04-2006, 10:26 PM
No it's not me, the old man is still in tow!

Let's set the scene, it's 1920's.

Your first husband is killed in action in WW1 and you eventually set up home with another man and have 2 children by him. The children's birth certificates imply that you are married to the 2nd husband, but your g.grand-daughter (me) can't find any prove of this.

The 2nd husband drops dead in 1923, by 1930 your only living child is supposed to be an orphan. But once again no death certificate found under either married name.

Question time....

If the wife was to marry again (for the 3rd time) would her surname be her 1st 'real' husband's name or the 2nd husband name that she 'adopted'.


Take any family stories with a HUGE pinch of salt. My nan who thought she was an only child had 6 1/2 brothers and sisters!!!

Also, why were we (or was it just me) lead to believe that it has only been recent generations that 'live-in-sin', my ancestors have been at it for decades, which makes geneology far harder, they were very inconsiderate.


Guy Etchells
18-04-2006, 10:43 PM
Do you want the true answer or the legal answer?

True answer -
If she decided to marry again her surname would be whatever name she decided to give.

Legal answer -

Col. 2. ("Name and Surname.") Before filling up this Column it is desirable that the Parties should be asked to give their Names in full, lest in giving Notice for Marriage a Christian Name should have been inadvertently omitted ; and the Names should always be written in full in the Column. If either of the Parties has adopted or is commonly known by a Christian Name or Surname other than his or her true Name or Surname, both Names or Surnames should be recorded in the Register Book with the word "otherwise" between them, thus:-"Wilson, otherwise Overton" :
to be continued

Guy Etchells
18-04-2006, 10:55 PM
this frequently happens in illegitimate cases, wherein a Person has been known through life by his or her Putative Father's Surname, and as it may be of future consequence that the Maternal Surname should appear in the Marriage Entry, the Maternal Surname should if desired, first be used and then also the Paternal Surname, with the word "otherwise" between them. In the case of a Divorced Woman, her Christian Name or Names and Surname should be entered thus : "Ann Meredith, formerly Brown (Spinster)" [or "Widow," as the case may be.]
If the Woman be one whose former Husband has not been known by her to have been living during the last Seven Years, her last Married Surname should be inserted. In a case of Re-Marriage, arising from whatever cause, the Woman should be described in this Column by her Husband's Surname, followed by the word "formerly," and then by her Maiden Surname.

From Suggestions Issued by the Registrar-General for the Guidance of the Clergy with Reference to the Marriage & Registration Acts