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Julie Tyrell
14-04-2006, 5:02 PM

I have a set of questions (as usual) about the 1930's era (Ramsgate!!)

1. What would happen to an orphan in 1930? i.e. Who/where would it go even temporarily?

2. Could a sibling (under 18) look after its brothers/sisters?

3. What happened to people with mental health problems?

Thanks Julie

Peter Goodey
14-04-2006, 6:06 PM
If you read the thread in the Kent forum entitled "Manston Cottage Homes", you may find some of your questions answered.

Julie Tyrell
14-04-2006, 7:10 PM
Thanks Peter,

I have to speak to the East Kent archives anyway, so I will see what they know or are willing devulge.

I am making good progress with my Ramsgate family, though I now know not to take a word that your immediately family tell you as gospel, it just sends you off in the wrong direction. My nan always told us she was an only child and that her parents died when she was young - she must have had that suppressed memory thing, as her brother died when she was 10!!

I will keep digging, Julie

Peter Goodey
14-04-2006, 8:41 PM
I believe that the original records are at the Centre for Kentish Studies and suggest you speak to them in the first instance.You are less likely to get a misleading response that way.

Julie Tyrell
14-04-2006, 8:44 PM
ok, thanks