View Full Version : Translating a website

Ed McKie
05-04-2006, 4:09 AM
Can anyone help with this one ?
A friend in Germany says that he cannot get an automatic translation of my home page when he brings it up in Google.

Is this a facility that Google provides on "foreign language" sites at its own discretion as it were, or is there some tag or whatever that I can put on the site to initiate autotranslation ?

PS- nothing too technical please :-)

Carrie Meerten
05-04-2006, 4:48 AM
did a google search and this is what came up -




you enter the website into one of the above and it translates the page.

Ed McKie
05-04-2006, 5:06 AM
Much obliged for that Carrie

My own Google search only produced the first one, which even though my German is very limited I could see that it was not adequate. However the next two sites certainly appear to have done the business. I will recommend these two to my friend and see how he gets on.

Thanks again.