28-10-2004, 11:03 PM
I'm hoping that someone will be able to tell me some more about a Northamptonshire family that interests me. John Sherwood MORRIS married Julia BROOKs in Leicester on 14 May 1864 but both parties and their families came from Northamptonshire. Does anyone have access to an 1861 Northamptonshire census because I can't find either family in Leicestershire in 1861.

John Sherwood MORRIS was born in Wellingborough in 1841, the son of William MORRIS (a shoemaker) and Rebecca SHERWOOD. I think Rebecca was born in Cosgrove, the daughter of Job SHERWOOD and Ann TOMKINS. I know nothing more of this side of the family so I'd love to find something on them from 1861 or 1851.

Julia BROOKS was born in 1840 in Northampton St Sepulchre, the daughter of Samuel BROOKS and Rachel BRITTEN. I think that Samuel BROOKS was born about 1813 in Northamton St Peter and Rachel BRITTEN was born in about 1815 in Abington. Julia had siblings William Britten, Thomas S, Sophia, Elizabeth, Drusilla and Frances BROOKS. All of these children were born in Northampton St Sepulchre. William Britten BROOKS married in Northampton in the late 1850s but the other children seem to have married in Leicester so I guess the whole family upped & moved to Leicester in the early 1860's.

03-11-2004, 10:37 PM
I have a Charlotte Horner GROOME who married Walter BRITTIN in Wellingborough in 1894. They had one son (at least) called Leonard Walter BRITTIN who was born in 1906.

Charlotte was the widow of Josiah VORLEY who died in 1892.

sandy hall
24-01-2006, 12:29 PM
Hi Lindad

It seems as though you have the same family as me again through the Vorleys. Did you know the Brittain's came from Chelveston and the Horner's are mostly Irthlingborough folk?