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28-10-2004, 10:44 PM
Can anyone on the list please suggest how I can find some info on Kathleen

Kathleen was born abt 1918, her family were Irish Catholics.
Kathleen was working as a waitress at 17 Harrington Gardens, in London in
1941 there is also another address connected with Kathleen, that is 11 Arundell Gardens West
she also worked in munitions in Hayes.

She lived with her sister Margaret who was married to Jack Smith, at 22
Pennant Mews W.8 (Kensington) in 1941.she left Kensington in London in 1941, went to Norfolk for a short time,
then on to Birmingham, last known location for her was in Edgbaston
Birmingham she was on the electoral roll in 1947-48.

It is known that
the family were Irish but
at this time it is not known if Kathleen was also born there. They were
Irish Catholics.

Many thanks in advance.

Pam Downes
13-11-2004, 1:05 AM
Hi Irene,

I don't usually look at the London list which is why I've only just seen this query.
St Mary Abbots Kensington was a hospital. I think it's closed now, but if memory serves me correctly it was still open in the early-mid 70s.
I would recommend that your friend tries the Traceline section of the GRO. When trying to trace her mother my cousin had only the details on the marriage certificate plus an address where her mother was living when the divorce was granted (time span 1943 - 1948), but that was enough for them to find her (thought not, sadly, alive.)
I can't remember exactly how much Traceline told my cousin, so you will need to check what information might be given, e,g, marriage date. I'm sure that details of other children will not be given but once you have positive information about the mother then it is easier to try and find out about other possible family members.

Pam Downes