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Derek Baker
01-04-2006, 11:15 AM
I am looking for Edmund Haines and his wife who was possibly Ann Osborn.
At one time they lived in Surrey and seem to have moved around the Surrey/Kent/Sussex border area. All attempts to find their births in those counties have failed.
But I have found this on the 1851 census for Turleigh, Bradford on Avon, and think it may be them. (HO107/1841 Bradford on Avon folio 375 page 2)
Has anyone researching Wiltshire families come across then and can help?

Edmund Haines 46 Ag Lab Bishopston, Wilts.
Ann wife 47 Wroughton, Wilts.
William son 19 Ag Lab Westerham, Kent
Elizabeth dau 10 Westerham, Kent
John son 7 Westerham. Kent
Frederick son 4 Turleigh, Wilts.

A check in the birth index for Wiltshire show that neither of them (Edmund and Ann) were born in Bishopston(e) or Wroughton as claimed. This claim is maintained on all census returns up to their deaths. So where were they born?

Could Edmund be from Bishopstrow and not Bishopstone and Ann be Ann Osman and not Ann Osborn?

They may have married in Chelsham, Surrey which is near to Westerham in Kent. The Chelshan PR shows a marriage between Edmund Haines and Ann Osborn and the birth of 3 children born to Edmund and Ann. The 1841 census show the whole family together in Westerham.

If this is the correct couple was it usuall for people in the early 1800's to make such long journeys? Not once but twice as they had returned to Surrey by 1871.

Any sheding of light gratefully received.

08-06-2006, 10:12 PM
You will be surprised how many did move around, don't forget that around 1815 they throw out a lot of Army men so what did they do if not trained for anything but be Ag Labs with so many they could now pick who they want when they wanted and they found it hard to find work for any length of time.
It was around this time that the swing riots started, this could be because there were so may Ag Labs and also new Machinery that was coming into play. Trains were also moving people around quicker. Also once they got rid of Settlement papers this did help people move around much easier.

Have you seen the marriage of Edward and Ann, there may be more information than is on the computer.

Also if William is the 1st born son than there is a high % of Edwards father being William. That had started to change around the 1800's but some were still using the old method of naming their children.