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30-03-2006, 1:21 PM
Hello I am interested in the MAYES family from Watford headed up by John and Louisa (nee Gambier). They married in 1892 in Watford and had 4 children by the time of the 1901 census - Rennall 1894, William 1895, Alfred 1896 and Joseph 1900. Anybody with extra info, please get in touch. Christine.

Russ Farnham
23-10-2006, 11:07 AM
I am currently searching for relatives whose surnames are Wells, Martindale and Gambier and wondered whether there is any connection with your family.

My mother, Sylvia Kay Farnham (nee Wells)(b 1937), lived in Greatham Road in Bushey. Her father was Percy Francis Wells (b 1892) who married Ethel May Martindale (b 1892).

Percy Wells’ father was Harry George Wells (b circa 1860) who married Beatrice Alma Gambier (b circa 1860, m 1880, d 1910). I believe her birth was registered in West Ham. I am not sure whether Harry Wells may have married again in 1911.

Ethel Wells (nee Martindale), whose father was Eli Martindale (b Abbots Langley 1880) and mother was Mary Gravestock, had a younger sister named Alice Martindale (b 1898), who married Rennall Mayes (who my mum called Uncle Jack!) whose mother (Louisa) was Beatrice’s sister.

My mum also knew, and I can remember the name being mentioned over the years, Don Mayes (was he Rennall’s and Alice’s son?). I believe he lived in Hatfield Road, Watford until his death.

I am trying to go back further obviously, so any confirmation/assistance you could provide would be most welcome.

Do you have any further details about their father (William b1830, d 1900), mother (Elizabeth Frances), or Williams father and mother (Ann who I believe was born in Cheshire), etc?

My mother was always under the impression that the Gambier’s originally came from Gambia, originally coming to this country with missionaries and that there was a link with “The Black Boy” public house in Bricket Wood. Are you able to assist with this “story”.

Any information about the Gambier’s or Martindale’s would be gratefully received.

Thank you in anticipation

Russell Farnham

24-10-2006, 12:52 PM
Hello Russell, Great to hear from you. The short answer is yes, I am connected and have lots of info on the Gambiers going back to circa 1783. Can you reply to me on this site and we will start to swap info. Would like to give you my private email address but not sure how that all works - don't want it broadcast obviously. Regards Christine Callow.

Russ Farnham
24-10-2006, 4:02 PM
Hello Christine

So far I know that my Great Grandad (Harry George Wells) married Beatrice Alma Gambier (who had sisters Caroline Frances, Mary Ann, Louisa Emily, Annie Rosanna and brothers Edward Evan?, Walter John and Alfred J).

Beatrice's father was William (I have a copy of his death certificate) who married Elizabeth Frances Edwards.

William had brothers called John and Evan and a sister named Louisa. He was born in St Clement Dane's in London.

I start to get stuck then - I believe William's mother was called Ann and she was born in either Nantwich or Northwich in Cheshire (just down the road from me now!!!)

Any further information on the Gambiers would be greatfully recieved. Did they originally come from Africa? Was there a link with the Black Boy Public House in Bricket Wood? My mother is particuarly interested in this line.

My Nan (Ethel May Martindale) married Percy Wells (Beatrice's son) and her sister (Alice) married Rennall Mayes (whose mother was Louisa Gambier).

I've tracked the Martindales back through my Nans father Eli (who married Mary Ann Gravestock) and his father Joseph (who married Ann ??)

I too am not sure about the email situation.

I look forward to hearing from you

All the best


09-09-2008, 4:30 PM
Hello Russell, my name is Andy Marshall I now live in Nantwich, but am originally from London, my fathers Grandmother was Caroline Francis Marshall (nee Gambier), sister of your Great Grandma Beatrice Gambier.