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15-03-2006, 3:50 AM
Would someone be so kind as to look up the 1851 census for the following family. They were in Staffordshire in the 1841 census but not the 1851 census

Harriet Carey (ne Cartwright) born Circa 1804 Widdow or re married
Harriet Carey b 1829 Lane End, daughter
Frederic Carey b 1832 Lane End, son
Thomas Augustus Carey b 1837 Stoke upon Trent, son
Emily Carey b 1843 Longton, daughter

Many thanks

15-03-2006, 4:30 AM
Have you seen the following entries?

Census: 1851: HO197/2000 Folio 556 Page 28
Address: Parkfields, Barlaston, Staffordshire
-- Harriette RAMAGE Head Mar 43 Staffordshire Longton
-- Harriette CAREY daur U 22 [born] do do
-- Frederick CAREY Son U 19[ born] do do
-- Caroline EDWARDS Visitor U 41 formerly Governess [born] Salop Oswestry
-- Hannah ROBINSON Serv U 30 House Maid [born] London Islington
-- Emma MOLLATT do U 17 Kitchen Maid [born] Stafford Bucknell
-- James McDOWELL do U 34 Bailiff [born] Scotland Glasgow
-- John TALBOT do U 22 Footman [born] Stafford Sheldon or Shebdon

[b]Census: 1851: HO107/1476 Folio 135 Page 46
Address: 40, Clarges Street, St. George Hanover Square, Middlesex
-- Francis H. Ramadge Father Mar 57 Practising as Physician Fellow of the College of Physicians [born] Dublin Ireland
-- Frederick B.D. do Son U 23 Fellow of Cambridge A. BLaw [rest is obscured] [born] Cherton Surry
-- Thomas A. CAREY Stepson U 14 Scholar [born] Longton Staffordshire
-- Sarah YOUNG Serv U 45 Cook [born] Cranbourne Dorsetshire
-- Harriet HARRIS do U 26 Housemaid [born] Reckham Kent
-- Daniel COPELAND do U 23 Footman [born] Philadelphia America


15-03-2006, 4:39 AM
Russel, FYI...

FreeBMD has a death record for a Francis H. RAMADGE, 74 years old, in the Apr-May-Jun quarter of 1867 at St. George Hanover Square, London, Surrey -- Volume 1a Page 169.

The Commercial Directory of Scotland, Ireland and the four most Northern Counties of England, 1820-21 & 22:
-- Name: Francis Ramadge
-- Town: Dublin
-- County/Colonial: Ireland manchester
-- Occupation: physician
-- Gender: Male
-- Address: 8, Fleet street, Dublin, Ireland
-- Source Date: 1820

The Dictionary of National Biography:
RAMADGE, Francis Hopkins [1793-1867], medical writer: M.A. and M.B. Trinity College, Dublin, 1819; M.D. Oxford, 1821: F.R.C.P., 1822; censor, 1825; senior physician at the Central Infirmary and Dispensary, London


15-03-2006, 4:56 AM
Harriette RAMADGE is in the 1871 census, living with her widowed daughter-in-law, Sarah T. CAREY and grandchildren in Islington, London.
-- RG10/300 Folio 87 Page 29

And in 1881, living with her daughter, Harriette BROMFIELD, son-in-law and grandchildren in Liverpool.
-- RG11/3672 Folio 17 Page 28

FreeBMD has a death notice for Harriette RAMADGE, aged 86, in the first quarter of 1890 in West Derby, Lancashire.
-- Volume 8b Page 341

I don't see Harriette on the 1861 census but she must be there somewhere...

Let me know if you would like the full transcription for any of the above.


15-03-2006, 5:08 AM

FreeBMD marriage record for Harriett CAREY and Frances Hopkins RAMADGE: Apr-May-Jun quarter of 1849 at St. George Hanover Square, London, Surrey
-- Volume 1 Page 19


15-03-2006, 5:45 AM
Wow Trish!!!! You are fantastic :)
I will look at this and then post again.
Could you please give me the full transcripts.
Many Many thanks

18-03-2006, 1:52 PM
Wow Trish!!!! You are fantastic :)
I will look at this and then post again.
Could you please give me the full transcripts.
Many Many thanksWhy thank you, Russell. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner -- it's been a busy week...

Here's the first transcript:

Census: 1871: RG10/300 Folio 87 Page 29
Address:48 Grafton Rd, Islington, London
-- Sarah T. CAREY Head W 31 [born] Middlesex Islington
-- Mary E. Do Daur U 9 Scholar [born] Lancaster [sic] Liverpool
-- Margaret ?S. Do Daur U 6 [born] Do Do
-- John Do Son U 4 [born] Middlesex London
-- Sarah GOFLE Mother W 60 [born] Do Do
-- Harriette RAMADGE Mother in law W 67 [born] Stafford Trentham
-- Sarah OLIVER Serv Unm 18 General Serv [born] Hants ?Newsfound

More to follow...


18-03-2006, 2:04 PM
And the second transcript:

Census: 1881: RG10/300 Folio 87 Page 29
Address:15 St. Domingoe Grove, Everton, Lancashire
-- Saml BROMFIELD Head Mar 50 Bank Cashier [born] Salop Whitehurst
-- Harriette Do Wife Mar 57 [born] Stafford Longton
-- Saml Do Son Unm 21 Cotton Brokers Salesman [born] Lanc Lpool
-- Emily Do Daur Unm 20 [born] Do
-- John C. BROMFIELD Son Unm 17 Articled Lawyers Clerk [born] Lancs Lpool
-- Ida M Do Daur 14 Scholar [bonr] Do
-- Harriette RAMADGE Moth in law Widow 77 Retired [born] Stafford Longton
-- Margt BROMFIELD Sister Unm 56 Do [born] Salap Whitehurst
-- Ann HUGHES Servt Unm 23 Cook Domestic Servt [born] Lans Lpool
-- Margt CORKHILL Do Unm 24 Housemaid Do [born] I of Man

Am I forgetting anything?


18-03-2006, 2:46 PM
The following FreeBMD marriage record fits for Harriette's son Thomas:

Marriage Record:
-- 1861 Jul-Aug-Sep Quarter
-- Thomas Augustus CAREY
-- Sarah Theresa GODBE
West Derby, Lancashire
Volume 8b Page 744

So for the 1871 transcription that I gave you: it looks like Sarah's maiden name was GODBE and her mother's name should read as Sarah GODBE not GOFLE, [even though that's what the enumerator appears to have written].


18-03-2006, 2:59 PM

The whole family seems to have vanished for the 1861 census...

Here's Harriet's daughter, Harriett, in the 1871 census:

Census: 1871: RG10/3817 Folio 104 Page 3
Address: No. 15 St Domingo Grove, Everton, Lancashire
-- Samuel BROMFIELD Head Mar 40 Bank Cashier [born] Salop Whitehurch
-- Harriett Do Wife Mar 42 [born] Staffordshire Longton
-- Samuel Do Junr Son Unm 11 Scholar [born] Lancashire Liverpool
-- Emily Do Daur Unm 10 Do [born] Do Do [born] Lancashire Liverpool
-- John Carey BROMFIELD Son Unm 8 Scholar [born] Lancashire Liverpool
-- Ada Margt Do Daur Unm 4 Do [born] Do
-- Margaret Do Sister Unm Unm 46 Spinster [born] [born] Salop Whitehurch
-- John Fredk CAREY Nephew Unm 15 Scholar [born] Staffordshire Stone
-- Kate ?WARING Servt Unm 37 Cook Domestic Servt [born] Lancashire Liverpool
-- Eliza LOW Servt Unm 24 Housemaid Do [born] Staffordshire, Stafford
-- Mary BRIDGWATER Servt Unm 28 Nurse Do [born] Salop, ?Cherbury


18-03-2006, 3:09 PM

There's a FreeBMD marriage record for Frederic CAREY in the Oct-Nov-Dec quarter of 1854 in Stone, Staffordshire. Possible brides are Sarah EVANS and Mary Charlotte REYNOLDS. Reference: Volume 6b Page 45.

Also a death record for Frederic CAREY in the Jul-Aug-Sep quarter of 1859 in Stone, Staffordshire. Reference: Volume 6b Page 22.

So... based on the above info and the John Frederick CAREY in 1871 living with the BROMFIELDs... this looks to be Frederic's fatherless family in 1861:

Census: 1861: RG9/1908 Folio 125 Page 45
Address: Castle Road, Castle Church, Staffordshire
-- Mary C. CAREY Hd Widow 26 [born] Stafford, Eccleshall
-- John F. Do Son 5 [born] Do Stone
-- Thomas A. Do Son 4 [born] Do Do
-- Henry CAREY Son 2 [born] Stafford Stone
-- Harriett HODSON Servant Un 21 General Servant [born] Do Haughton


18-03-2006, 3:23 PM
I wondered what happened to Harriett's daughter Emily so I did a search for her...

Sadly, there's a FreeBMD death record for an Emily CAREY in the Jan-Feb-Mar quarter of 1847 in Stone, Staffordshire. Reference: Volume 17 Page 210.

If you wanted to, Russell, you could spend a small fortune on obtaining all these marriage and death certificates -- but they would verify all our assumptions and probably give you additional details!


18-03-2006, 3:31 PM
Okay, last one, I promise!

Census: 1891: RG12/2892 Folio 49 Page 34
Address: 66 Shrewsbury Rd, Oxton, Cheshire
-- Samuel BROMFIELD HEAD M 60 Bank Cashier [born] Cheshire Malpas
-- Harriette do Wife M 61 [born] Staffordshire Longton
-- John C. do Son Wid 27 Solicitor [born] Lancashire Liverpool
-- Ada M do Daur S 24 [born] do do
-- Marah [sic] B. ROBINSON Visitor S 30 Living on her own means [born] do do
-- Mary DEAKIN Serv S 31 cook Domestic Serv [born] Cheshire Crewe
-- Janet JOHNSTON do S 24 Housemaid do Scotland


20-03-2006, 10:09 AM
Many thanks Trish,
That is a great help knocks out a couple of bricks in that huge wall.
Thankyou so very very much

25-03-2006, 1:12 PM
You're most welcome, Russell. Looks like an interesting family - good luck!


15-09-2013, 3:54 PM
You probably have all the information by now but Harriet Cartwright married John Carey in 1823 in Trentham - a popular country church just outside the Staffordshire Potteries. Her father owned The Anchor Works and Mills in Lane End(Longton) The Anchor Works was a pottery occupied by Thomas & John Carey from about 1818? - 1842. John died at Parkfield, Barlaston (just a bit further in the country than Trentham) in 1843. By the 1851 census - Harriet had obviously married again.

If you need more let me know