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Keith Goodway
12-03-2006, 3:13 PM
My grandfather, Arthur Law ELSTON (born 1874) had two older brothers, Percy Capps (1871) and Harold William (1872). They were all born on the family farm in Thorney, Cambridgeshire, and all appear there on the 1881 census. I now know a great deal about Arthur and Percy.

However, Harold William ELSTON disappears. He is on the 1891 census in Radford, Nottingham (as a grocer's assistant) and that is the last sight I have had of him in official records. I cannot find him on the 1901 census, when he would have been 28. His birth appears on Free BMD, but neither a marriage nor a death for him.

The puzzling thing is that Percy, my great uncle drew up manuscript family trees about 1900, which I now have. I have checked them where possible and they are quite accurate. He has added, in a different ink and therefore, I suspect at a later date, a marriage for his brother, Harold William in 1909, to Lillian WILLIAMS, and a son, Harold.

I suspect the most likely explanation is that he emigrated - but how do I found out ? There are many sites for immigrants into various countries, but without knowing where he went, it would be a laborious search !

Has anyone any alternative suggestions for his disappearance, or hints on how I could track him down ?


12-03-2006, 11:32 PM
could this be him
folio rg13/3122 page 80 notts east retford
head joseph hardy
wife annie
daur ethel
daur marion
boarder harry elston 28 railway carter
boarder william wakefield 22 railway carter

the birthplace doesn't fit though(wheatley notts)

Keith Goodway
13-03-2006, 2:54 PM
Thank you Carrie, for your suggestion,

I am afraid he is a different man. Your Harry Elston appears in the 1881 census, with his parents, in North Wheatley, aged 8. My Harold in the same census is with his Parents in Thorney, Cambs, where he was born.

In Free BMD your Harry appears as registered in in the March quarter, 1873 in East Retford.

Back to the drawing board !