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12-03-2006, 3:07 PM

I wonder if anyone can help me. I am trying to trace my husband's grandmother and I defy anyone to come up with a solution. Her name is Dolores Hensbock (this is the name she used when she got married). The name Hensbock I believe is a misunderstanding - a curly t of Henstock makes a good b.

However, there is a story behind her birth!! She was born 26th September 1906 and baptised at Shrewsbury Cathedral, Shropshire. The mother is down on the baptism cert as Mary O'Connor formerly Kilpatrick, father Edward William Hinstock - godmother Anne Mahoney. The father's name was changed two weeks later to Henstock with the permission of both parties - illegimate was then stamped on the baptism certificate. I don't know whether Dolores was born in Ireland or England. She was given up to Sisters of Charity Children's Home, Victoria, London in March 1906 where her name was registered Mary Dolores Handcox, fathers name Henry W Henstock, mothers name Mary O'Connor. Dolores was taken from the orphanage by her mother on June 2 1908 but was returned a couple of months later. I don't know if she was taken by her mother back to Ireland and then returned as Dolores left the orphanage on March 6th 1926. The last known address for the mother (on the orphanage registry) was 5 Laoagh Villas, Ashfield Road, Ranelagh Dubin. The father went to America. Can anyone researching Irish ancestry give me some direction as to where I might start looking?

I figure that Mary O'Connor returned to Ireland to the address above in sometime between 1906 and 1908 and it is believed that she died in 1908 again, we believe in Ireland. It might be possible that the mother returned to the family home of Kilpatrick's in Ranelagh and this name may show up on the 1901 or 1911 census. Is it possible to find out who lived at this address during this period - electoral registers etc? Obviously, Mary might not be her known name, it appears that every female child was called Mary!! I'd be grateful if for any assistance in lookups or suggestions on how I might unravel this mystery.

Thanks, Sharon