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Mary C
08-03-2006, 2:24 AM
This is a very long shot I know, but I am trying to find the husband of Bridget Bennet born in Wallingford c 1558 or 1566. I have two marriage records for her

(1) to Garret Harmer in 1579 at Stonehouse Glos or
(2) to Thomas Brickman in 1587 at Wallingford

My problem is which one is correct?
Bridget's parents were Richard Bennett and Elizabeth Tisdale of Wallingford.

Can anyone help me please?


01-04-2006, 8:41 AM

The only way to prove if its the correct marriage is to view the marriage in the church records. There may be family as a witness, early records didn't put much down about the people marrying. Also see if the childrens names run in the family, they did name their children after their parents etc.

1st boy fathers father
2nd boy mothers father
3rd father
1st girl mothers mother
2nd girl father mother
3rd girl mother

It does help sometimes unless they have the same family ties (cousins) then its trying to sort out who is who. If a child died then the next of that sex born they would then use that name.


Peter Goodey
01-04-2006, 9:20 AM
That data looks like IGI nonsense to me.

As Irene said, parish registers. If you still have conflicting data, probate records may sort them out.

Peter Goodey
01-04-2006, 9:50 AM
Looking at this again, I can't understand what lies behind the question. It can't be an ancestral line because the surname isn't know. It can't be a peripheral line, because the date of birth isn't known. Puzzling. Or else I haven't woken up yet.

01-04-2006, 7:00 PM
Now you have both leads you would need to search both families ‘backward’ unconventional but it can be done, until you have a positive connection, Checking the Christian names of the children will give you another pointer as already said, it’s helped me in the past.

Mary C
29-05-2006, 6:23 AM
Sorry it's taken me a while to get back to this site - but many thanks to you all for your advice.

I have a direct line to Garret Harmer - and I know his wife was Bridget Bennet - it's just that I don't know if it was the Bridget, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Bennet of Wallingford. The confusion is, as I said, that she is also shown as marrying Thomas Brickman.

I don't have the parents of Garret so can't tell if any of the children were named after him. None of them appear to be named after either their parents, or their grandparents, unless I'm missing some of them.

Will just have to keep trying!


25-07-2006, 9:07 AM
Richard Bennett and Elizabeth Tisdale were an early couple in quite a noble family which married into the descendants of Charles II (all those illegitimate ones!). the incredible site, Stirnet has hundreds of descents based on the records found in all those gentry lists and stuff.

The problem is that your Bridget, with those dates, does not appear on this tree. Not that this means your information is completely wrong! It may be that, in the early generations, not all children were included, esp the girls.
It is interesting that the name Bridget does occur further down the line, so that gives you some hope.
The Bennetts were aspiring to greatness at this time, and they were marrying into quite important families, even the girls, as you will see from the pedigree listed, so IF your Bridget came from this family she would have a husband of some standing. Hope this helps. I am descended from this family, so hope you can determine if you are a cousin! cheeers

25-07-2006, 9:10 AM
Isn't it the case? You just put up a post and then new info comes in.
Here is a quote from another site;
Richard BENNETT (b. about 1528, Wallingford, Berkshire)
Elizabeth TISDALE (b. about 1547, Deanly, Berkshire), daughter of Thomas TISDALE (b. about 1521)
Children, born about 1553-1568 at Wallingford, Berkshire:
Elizabeth married John PIERCE
Ralph married Alice HARRITT
William (d. Feb. 22, 1608/9) married Ann HUNGERFORD
John (d. Feb. 15, 1626/7) married Ann WEEKS
Thomas (d. Apr. 19, 1620) married Mary HEYRICK
Bridget married Thomas BRICKMAN
Walter (d. about 1614) married Dec. 13, 1608 Katherine COTTON

Stirnet will take your pedigree back a few more generations. Nice to meet you cousin!

Mary C
07-08-2006, 7:01 AM
Hi - many thanks for your replies. I had previously looked at the kinnexions site and saw that Bridget married Thomas Brickman. I did query this with Stephen Lawson (of that site) as I also had her married to Garret Harmer of Stonehouse, Glos. He told me that he couldn't guarantee his information on the Bennetts was correct.

This is a real puzzle - IGI gives the same Bridget (same parents) marrying two different men (Harmer & Brickman) at about the same time. Stonehouse parish also has Garret Harmer (my ancestor) marrying a Bridget Bennett - I don't know anything about his family so don't know if he would have been 'suitable' for the Bennett family! He did however definitely marry a Bridget

I have tried researching Thomas Brickman but no luck. It would be nice if Garret's wife was Bridget Bennett of Berks. as there is so much information on that family - but until I can get confirmation I can't lay claim to it!!

I'm afraid I can't claim 'cousin ship' yet - but will let you know if and when I do.