View Full Version : 1841-1861 Whepstead census look-ups

Ian Sumpter
26-10-2004, 3:35 PM
Listers: would someone out there with access to the above census info look-up a couple of my Elsden relations please. Would appreciate any information in the records. Persons include:

Mary Elsden (b. 1773, Whepstead), single?, 1841-1861;

Isaac Elsden (b. 1775, Whepstead), married, 1851;

Mary Elsden (b. ~1775), Whepstead?), wife - 1851, widow - 1861;

Charles Elsden (b. 1809, Whepstead), 1841-1861;

Samuel Elsden (b. 1811, Whepstead), 1841-1861;

James Elsden (b. 1814, Whepstead), married, with wife Elizabeth? and family, 1841-1861.

Thank you for your time,