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02-03-2006, 6:58 PM
Is there anyone researching this family in North Nottinghamshire. It is my husband's paternal line and I knew very little about them.

My father in law Albert Henry was born in 1890 YKS Swallownest, and his younger brother Percy in 1892 YKS Sheffield. So far as I ever knew, these were the only two children. Their father, William, was born in 1860 NTT Ranby, son of Henry and Sarah, and Henry was born c1825 NTT Worksop, according to 1881 Census. However, they were a railway family and moved about.

In 1881 Henry and Sarah were living NTT Babworth, and in 1901 William and Sarah were living DBY Staveley.

I am missing the two marriages, Henry to Sarah and William to Jane, and the baptism of Henry who does not appear in the Worksop baptism register.

In 1891 Janes's place of birth is given as NTH Ashby, in 1901 as NTT Ashby; Sarah's POB in 1881 is NTT Ranby and also living with the family are a nephew, William Grant and a daughter - status not given - Christiana Turner, both born Ranby.

I have searched BMD and IGI, and also 1841 Census for Henry, hoping perhaps to find him still at home, but without success although there are Beech families in the north Notts. area.

Any information most gratefully accepted. -- |bowdown|

Eileen -- |wave|

02-03-2006, 8:13 PM
Hi Eileen,

found the following from Notts FHS marriage index:

Henry Beech to Sarah Chapman Babworth 26/2/1846

Cannot find William Beech to Jane

also of interest is

William Beech to Mary Sleath Worksop St Mary (Priory) 4/4/1825

Baptisms to follow.


02-03-2006, 8:18 PM
Notts FHS Baptisms transcripts:
Where 2 dates, second is date of birth.

Parents Henry and Sarah Beech, Baptisms at Babworth, family living at Ranby, father's occupation Labourer:
15/2/1857 11/1/1857 Henry
30/3/1851 23/3/1851 John
28/8/1853 21/7/1853 Christianna
3/6/1846 25/5/1846 Harriet
23/10/1859 25/9/1859 William
7/10/1855 27/8/1855 George
11/1 1849 10/1/1849 Hannah

more to follow,

02-03-2006, 8:23 PM
Baptisms at Worksop St Mary (Priory)
Parents William and Mary Beech
17/10/1825 Henry Commonside Chairmaker
7/9/1832 Frederic Norfolk St Gardener
26 /5/1830 Robert Norfolk St Gardener
12/11/1827 Hannah Common Chairmaker

Hope this helps,

02-03-2006, 11:31 PM
Notts FHS 1841 census transcripts for Babworth

Ranby 1 William BEECH 35 A L Y 20 849 BAB

Ranby Mary BEECH 35 Y 20 849 BAB

Ranby Maryann BEECH 15 Y 20 849 BAB

Ranby Robert BEECH 11 Y 20 849 BAB

Ranby Thomas BEECH 4 Y 20 849 BAB

Ranby Ann BEECH 14 Y 20 849 BAB

02-03-2006, 11:35 PM
Notts FHS 1841 census transcript for Sutton Cum Lound

1 Joseph COOK 50 Farmer Y 11 851 SUN

Sarah WILSON 12 Y 11 851 SUN

Betsey WILSON 10 Y 11 851 SUN

John WILSON 8 N 11 851 SUN

William BURCHELL 20 M S Y 11 851 SUN

Henry BEECH 15 M S Y 11 851 SUN

Elizabeth DUCKER 14 F S Y 11 851 SUN

James DRAKE 40 A L N 11 851 SUN

Mary DRAKE 40 Y 11 851 SUN

William DRAKE 15 AP Wheelwright Y 11 851 SUN

Hope this helps, Karen

03-03-2006, 12:02 PM
Karen - many thanks for taking so much trouble to answer my post.

When I read your first reply. I realized that I did know of this marriage - Henry to Sarah - I have seen the Babworth registers at Retford Library. Call it a 'senior moment.' I also had the Baptisms from the registers.

I have also seen the Worksop registers and I must have had another 'senior moment' when I missed Henry's baptism. There were two other children as well, Harriet in 1834 and Thomas in 1837. Now I know his parents, and you very kindly told me the probable marriage, I can proceed, I hope.

I have the 1841 Census both on Rod's discs and through British Origins, but so far I have only looked at Babworth and Worksop - I will look again.

I am intending to go to Worksop Library Monday or Tuesday next week, (weather permitting), is there anything I can do for you ?

Again, my thanks

Eileen -- |wave|

03-03-2006, 1:20 PM
Hi Eileen,

it was a pleasure to be able to help and didn't take too long as there are not many Beech family members to search through. Hope you have good luck next week in Worksop.

I can't think of anything I need from Worksop library at the moment, that my mother can't get in Retford, but thanks for the offer.

Best wishes,