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Dave Johnson
28-02-2006, 4:37 PM
Elizabeth Wells died at Eastbourne on Aug 4th 1944...she was involved in an accident at the junction of Terminus Rd and Landley Rd.
For over 30 years she lived at West Bank, Mill Rd in Eastbourne with her husband, William Alfred Wells and son Alfred Percy Wells, a schoolmaster.

Could anyone give me any further information about the places or people I have mentioned here, or where I might get more information? I think her death might have been reported in a local newspaper but, not being familiar with the area, I am unsure who to contact.
Many thanks...Dave Johnson

Jane M
01-03-2006, 2:56 PM
HI Mike,
Using the Google search engine I found the site for the Eastbourne Herald. Although they have an online archive search it only starts at 1997 but worth contacting them to see if they have 1944, otherwise it's held at Colindale (below)

The British Libray's Newspaper Collections at the Colindale Library in North London has several Eastbourne papers which might have covered the incident,
Eastbourne Chronicle 1865-1951
Eastbourne Courier 1927-1950
The Eastbourne Gazette 1862-to date
Eastbourne Herald 1938-1951
Eastbourne & District Advertiser 1984-to date

Have you tried finding these addresses on a modern map?

The records for Eastbourne are held at the East Sussex Records office in Lewes.

Have you got census information about the people you seek? Perhaps we can help you there,


Dave Johnson
01-03-2006, 6:03 PM
Hi Jane
Many thanks for taking the time to reply. Someone on another message board suggested that I contact Eastbourne Reference Library which apparently offers a limited free search of the local newspapers it holds. However I shall also explore the other details and sources you sent to me.

As far as the census is concerned I know that she is in Eastbourne in 1901 (as Elizabeth WELL, born in Ilkeston,Derbyshire, aged 46, with her family) but I am not sure where as yet...I presume at Mill Road? I have her on the other censuses up to 1901.

Once again
many thanks
Dave Johnson