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21-02-2006, 5:11 PM
I am looking for descendants of Hew MORRISON (1850-1935) of Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the Chief Librarian of the Edinburgh Public Library in the early 1900s. He was a friend of Andrew Carnegie and helped Carnegie set up his Carnegie libraries in Scotland.

I have identified most, if not all, of Hew MORRISON's children, but have not yet located any living descendants. His family is described briefly below.

1st wife - Agnes JACK, married 1874
- Emily Jack MORRISON, b. 1875 in Brechin District, Angus Co., Scotland; married John Lyon PIRIE 1909; at least one daughter; died 1955 Dalkeith District, Midlothian Co., Scotland

2nd wife - Agnes VEITCH, married 1881
- Agnes MORRISON, b. 1882 Brechin District, Angus Co., Scotland
- Hew MORRISON, b. 1883-1884 in Forfar, Scotland; married Mary Agnes Winifred TAIT 12 Jul 1905.
- Reay Sutherland MORRISON, b. 1886-87; d. 1919 in Edinburgh, unmarried.
- James Douglas MORRISON, b. 1888 Portobello District, Edinburgh, Scotland; married Jean Mackay MORRISON 1915; d. 10 Nov 1923 in Inverness Co., Scotland.
- John Fraser MORRISON, b. 1892 Newington District, Edinburgh, Scotland; m. Mary Edgar CRAIK 1926.

Any information on this family is appreciated. Thanks.

Ted Gostin

16-08-2006, 3:58 AM
Hi Ted,

I was browsing and came upon your posting. Would this have been Dr. Hew Morrison who, among other things, prepared and had published in 1911 a transcription of the Parish Register of Durness (Sutherland)? I know he has, or had, a grandson with the surname of Fraser. I think I could track him down, if this is the same Hew Morrison.

I note that he named one of his sons Reay Sutherland.

My family was from Durness and there is family lore that someone in our family was friendly with, or even married into, Carnegie's family. However, in approx. 15 years of research into family history I have not come across in firm connection.

Ian Morrison