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19-02-2006, 8:41 PM
I'd welcome advice on reading a Great-Uncle's WW1 Royal Navy Service record. I have the following questions:

1. Attentive 1 and Attentive 2
I am assuming these are shore establishments, but where and what?

2. Why do some postings apparently have a shore establishment followed by, apparently, an actual ship?
eg Attentive 2 (Crusader)
eg Egmont (Wallflower)
eg Vernon (Winchester)

The service years are 1913-1925.

I've managed to sort a host of other questions by lengthy internet searches, but these are the ones I am left with.

Any help would be gratefully received.

peter nicholl
13-03-2006, 10:57 AM
Hi Norman

AttentiveII, Egmont and Vernon were, as you say, Shore Stations/ Stone Frigates.

Attentive II was at Dover; Base Ship 1904-1914 and Shore Staion 1914-1919. The actual vessel was Flag ship for the Dover Patrol. HMS Crusader was a Tribal Class Destroyer and formed part of the Dover Patrol.

Egmont was Fort of St Angelo, Malta. HMS Wallflower was a (mine-)sweeping sloop.

Vernon was at Portsmouth and concentrated on torpedo trials and training, anti-submarine warfare, mines and electrics. HMS Winchester was a W-Class Long Range Escort Destroyer.



Adam Garel
20-11-2007, 9:08 PM
I would also welcome some help on reading my Grandfather's Navy service record.

It says that he was mobilised for immediate service on 13.3.16
18.3.16 Attached to 6th Battalion, Depot
April 1916 Entered in Signal School, Depot
5.6.16 Drafted from Signal School, Crystal Palace, Depot, to Chatham Signal School
4.6.16 On list of men retained at CP.Depot, ending RND 5.5.16
26.6.16 E.Form to AG.9 (Signal School)
24.2.19 W.G. 12823. A.G.9.

I am confused by some information from someone at the National Archives who states that my grandfather was in the RND which was shore based and fought in Europe. However, I have been told that he served on a minesweeper (and have seen letters sent to him there).

Any help anyone can offer will be gratefully received.

Adam Garel