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Richard Miller
16-02-2006, 7:48 PM
Hi BG Memebers.

Did you have a relative who played Rugby and attended the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle in the 1880's?

I am seeking a photograph of the RGS School Rugby Team taken in June 1887 and advertised in the School Magazine the Novocastrian.

The members of the team with positions were as follows:-
W. Tyson - 3/4; H. Thompson - 3/4 or forward; T. Crone - 1/2; J. Miller - 1/2; E. Woodhouse - back; O. Heslop; T. Beattie; W. Rycroft; H. Angus - forward; W. Newstead and

My grandfather A. N. Garrett - forward (Allways on the ball, especially on the enemy's line for a try - according to the magazine).

At the time my Great grandfather was vicar of St. Peter's Church in Cramlington.

According to the June 1887 edition of the Novocastrian a photo was taken of this Team and was advertised as follows:- A most excellent photograph of the Team has been taken, suitable for framing: if any are desirious of possessing a copy, a postal order for 3 shillings, payable to R. A. Harris (a member of the school staff?), will procure one, by return of post.

I have tried the archivist of the Royal Grammers School in Newcastle and they don't have a copy of the photo but they did say that they would also be pleased to obtain a copy I could find someone who had it.

Any help would be gratefully appreaciated.