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06-02-2006, 4:27 PM
Can someone please tell me what sort of property this would have been in 1851 and suggest what sort of people the occupants would have been?
They are shown in the census for that year as four separate households - f393 p20 (184) - and I wonder whether these would have been listed from top floor to bsasement, or otherwise.
1 - A married woman of 40, no occupation, with absent (?) husband, 2 small children (daughters), and three unmarried female visitors aged 22, 23, 30, no occupations given.
2 - A coachman and his wife.
3 - A stationer, 44, his wife, 47, and three unmarried female visitors aged 18, 26, 40, again no occupation given.
4 - A bootmaker and his wife.

06-02-2006, 7:08 PM
For some reason the last part of the abovce posting failed to be printed.

(185) also appears to be No 8 Adam Street West. Both that and (183) No 7 Adam Street West includes a coachmsan among its oiccupiers. The latter appears to have been a public house - it is listed as such in the 1858 Post Office Directory. None of the names in the Post Office directory appear to be the same as those in 1851, suggesting considerable changes there.
The street seems to have disappeared during alterations to Edgware Road.

Thank you for any help. FredP

Ken Boyce
07-02-2006, 12:31 AM
he 1851 PO Directory lists #7 Adam St West as the Carpenter's Arms - John Anderson and #8 as a stationars - John Attryde

PO directories do not differentiate between resident and non-residen owners, landlords, principles, lessors, lesses, occupiers and the like anyone of which could be named and they do not include details of occupant families of the foregoing. The Census records all people who were in perminant or tempoary residence and with few exceptions were present on the premises for the night of the enumeration

# 8 likely had only the street front business portion listed in the directory.